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June 2018

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Some people really don’t have work ethics. I have to remark the papers my script marker has marked cause he marked like he did not see the marking scheme la. And he super inconsistent. So I have to remark. Couldn’t afford to ask him to remark cause I really don’t have time to deal with shit now. 😭#dayswhenihatemyjob #hatewhenmykpidependsonothers

AF came back finally. 6weeks after D&C. Guess body is reset now and we’ll rest and wait till it’s okay to try again. 😊

May 2018

Guess time to go back to my old diet of no rice since I am back to vegetable loving. It’s amazing how my entire body rejected the smell of vegetable during the first trimester. Since I don’t have to eat for another being in me, I can go back to no rice days. Few more days before 1 month is up and before I can eat all vegetables.#kalikeduamestiberjaya #kalikeduajanganmuntahHoping the next time I get bfp I don’t feel so sick. 😅 One can wish and pray.

How we found out we were pregnant and then lost it :(

So after trying for 15 months, we had our very first BFP. I’ve never tested before cause my AF is more punctual than our public transportation. So I never had the excuse or chance to whip out the test kit.Then about two months ago I started feeling exceptionally tired for no reason. Like I’ll doze off in the car. Thank god husband and I carpool to work. So I’ll just sleep and sleep. And I get tonnes of nightmares. So my sis was like, you pregnant?But I didn’t test until one day I beh tahan.

April 2018

Can’t wait to feel better again so that I can eat. 😭 I’m so sick of eating the same food every day. I’ve grown to hate bee hoon soup even. That’s my ultimate favourite you know? Office was too warm and now too cold. 😅 But I’ll be ok soon. I hope.

March 2018

How do people cope with motion sickness without taking the pills? I’ve relied on the pills ever since my first flight 11yrs back. Jie jie cannot no take pill. Jie jie will kisiao. Maybe it’s cause I’ve never done it before so it’s scary. 4hrs of flight with no pills, 😭 I just want to survive the flight.

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