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November 2017

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Exactly one more month to our Winter Sonata trip. My only wish is that I don’t turn into a popsicle 🀣

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Reading through other people’s travelogue makes me want to write down mine for the coming winter in Korea. But I’m really not very disciplined in this area. We’ll see. I love reading people’s entries though. Makes me feel like I’m there too.

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Slept in till 9am. This would be perfect if I’m home alone but my inlaws are actually here and I just showed how bad a daughter in law I am right? Reluctant to leave my cosy, dark room but got to go. Today is a me day. I am thinking of going to the mall to shop for a bit and come back after lunch.This month marks our 2nd year being married and 7th year being together. We are still as baleko as ever. And I really think I should start writing again but I’m pretty lazy as a person πŸ˜…

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So fast November already. We are fast approaching our 2nd anniversary. Doesn’t feel like we are married for so long already.Just the other day my husband said, “When you were young, mummy fetched. Then che che fetched. Now husband fetches you to and from work.”Yahor? Heh pampered much. 😬 Car rides to work have been fun for the past two months. 😬

August 2017

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Neighbour woes

I can deal with shit traffic and neighbours who smoke at their balcony. Every day I have to be 2nd hand smoker even though my husband and I (not even our family members) smoke. Now they up their game, they leave their rubbish outside the house. It's not dry rubbish but those wet once. Cause they cook for the entire village every day. I want to go crazy d!!!And one if the relative is very disrespectful. Each time he sees me he laughs and whispers somehing to his friend. How do I deal with them?

July 2017

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Others see a picture, my husband sees a plan. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚That's why he married me. Awesome awesome man πŸ˜‚

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