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Grief is the price of love

February 2019

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Monday blues.......Anyway not sure if anyone knows of this hack which @happyrainbow shared with me to refresh my dayre feed.Just "edit" and "save" existing post and ur feed will refresh. U don't even have to really edit!And no need to post empty posts or posting for the same of posting!

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A question for #dayrepregnancy mummies to be... When you sleep, do you wear nursing bra to sleep?Sometimes I wake up with really sore boobs regardless whether I wear nursing bra to sleep or never wear leh.. Any idea how to relieve this soreness?

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It's Saturday!!My body is really nonsense. Weekdays and I refuse to wake up early for work. Weekend and I auto wake up, earlier than the time I wake up for work.I tried to sleep back but baby started kicking me.So I played with baby, poking my tummy where I was kicked 😂

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Happy valentine's day!!

My OGTT is next week but today I had macs 😂 prosperity chicken burger meal with twister fries and apple pie. Oh gosh so shiok leh!

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The inertia to get out of bed every morning to go to work gets stronger everyday. The lazy worm is strong in me. But cannot don't go so I'm just enjoying my lunchtime and counting down to knocking off.......And really must update everyday to read dayre ah huh? My life very boring one leh... Nth to update....

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