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January 2019

Hormones is making me so emotional these days. Saw a bride getting into the car and got a bit teary. I thought to myself, that will be my baby girl next time... getting married to someone else. Had to remind myself that baby is not even born yet. 🤣

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Gynae checkup at 24w3d today. Baby is 19.9cm and 700grams. My weight is 55.7kg 🙈. I took my weight after a bottle of glucose drink and 2 cups of plain water so that probably contributed to the extra 700grams cos when I weigh myself yesterday I was only 55kg. The clinic didn’t give me any ultrasound picture of the baby today. When I asked the lady, she said normally when the baby is not in a good position, doctor won’t give pic, cos can’t see anything. Erm ok...

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Pre-preg weight: 48kgWeek 10: 47.3kgWeek 13: 48kgWeek 16: 49kg

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Happy New Year! This is my 22w2d bump. I gained about 6kg thus far. I’ve been moving around a lot more than I usually do in the past week, resulting in tailbone pain. Prior to pregnancy, I told myself that I will try not to waddle. But when the pain hits, I can’t control my hips like I normally do and ended up waddling even though my bump is not huge yet 🙈.

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