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December 2018

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Arm workout at 21w5d

Last night’s arm workout. Overall it wasn’t very intense because I did only two sets of each exercise with 2 kg weights on each arm. Nothing heavier cos heavy stuff gives me tailbone/ back ache.

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Pregnancy leg workout

Did my first modified set of bbg legs workout yesterday. I’m happy to report that my inner thighs and bum are aching today. I actually love the aches cos this means it’s a good workout. - 15 squats x 3 sets- 24 stationary lunges x 3 sets- 150 side leg raise - 24 step up (on low stool) x 2 sets- 60 walking lunges - 15 sumo squats x 2 sets - 20 mountain climbersI did all of the above slowly (taking breaks in between so I didn’t really sweat a bucket or have my heart rate too high.

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Detailed scan today. At 20w2d, this little bub is 15.5cm long and 320grams. Baby is so light and I’ve already gained 5kg (3kg in 4 weeks). I haven’t been eating excessively and have even started doing stationary cycling for 30mins twice a week and arms workout once a week 😞. I even asked the doctor if I have GD because I’m piling on the weight so quickly. I’ll be taking the GD test next month. Fingers crossed that I won’t have it and my weight gain can be a little bit more controllers

Chant to myself: I will not buy any branded bags until June 2019.

My Carter Black Friday loots are here. My Friend sold me some clothes too, which on hind side is pretty ex compared to my petit bateau and carter loots. After collating all, baby have quite a bit of clothes so time to stop buying. 0-3 months- 14 short sleeve onesies- 5 long sleeve pyjamas- 5 swaddles - 2 front clip long sleeve onesies- 1 outing outfit6 months- 12 short sleeve onesies- 4 long sleeve pyjamas - 3 outing outfit12 months- 3 short sleeve onesies- one polo dress

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My measly attempt at bump shots.

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