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November 2018

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Sorry for this alien looking pic! But I’m gonna post it here anyway to document all my gynae visits. I visited the gynae last week and finally got my panorama test results. The clinic receptionist gave all sorts of reasons why they haven’t sent it to me. But I’m like ok, fine let it go.. because results are low risk and it’s a baby GIRL! Baby was “sitting” cross legged (like how I always do 🤣) so her legs are folded up on the left side of the pic.

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Brought some maternity wear today since the bump is outgrowing most of my clothes. I miss my waist. It used to be 25-26 inches. And my face is so round now even though my weight gain isn’t significant. Nobody should ever tell a pregnant lady they put on weight 🤜🏻 unless you are the weighing scale.

It’s been almost 4 weeks since my panorama test and I haven’t got the results?

How to shave with a bump?

This question has been on my mind for the longest time.How do mummies-to-be shave their pubic hair once their tummy gets too big? I can’t stand being hairy down there so I’m really dreading this.I’ve never tried waxing before. But I might ask my gynae at my next visit. #dayrepregnancy

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