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September 2018

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Had breakfast at 9plus. Before I knew it, my stomach got empty by 12plus and I was feeling so nauseous and puked nothing out. Had lunch and I’m full 1/3 in. The amount left is still a lot 🤦🏻‍♀️. Gonna save the rest for when my stomach gets empty.

I survived another week. Nausea and poor appetite started in week 5. By week 6/7,I was lying in bed whenever possible. I can sleep so much suddenly. This whole lethargy and nausea is making me very miserable. I’ve been trying to push back all my social appointments, because it’s not fun to go out only to feel deathly. Please tell me all this will go away by week 12.... because I’m eagerly counting down.

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First ever scan of beanie measuring at 2.4mm. Dr said beanie is 6w0d even though the app says 6w6d. The dr originally said can’t see baby yet and that got me worried. But later on she pointed out that very very tiny flickering to us and said that’s the heartbeat. I don’t know if I should stick with this doc because her charges are on the higher side.My criteria for gynae:- short waiting time- experienced - understanding and gentle

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