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October 2016

I imagine how will life be when I'm free again.Free to make choices about my life. Free to do whatever that makes me happy. Free to not be emotionally tied down to anyone. How my room will look like. Where I work. How I spend my money. Where I travel to. The idea of it makes part of me excited. You see.. for a person who seeks refuge in familiarity, this is a huge deal for me. I need to stop limiting myself based on my fears of stepping out.

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Got the package the day before, decided to wear it out to work today. Lo and behold, before I even got to debut this dress, I accidentally burnt a huge hole with the iron. 😪

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I missed my old self. The old self where I was adventurous in meeting people, having a social life, dolling up. Now other than work and Sunday lunches, I hardly ever spend time with friends. I'm a creature of habit and sucker for comfort zone. So I've been holed up in my little hole with my tv since I got my new place. I guess this is what happen to introverts.

January 2016

I decided to catch a show at the Waterway Point after work today. It's not a good idea. It's so flooded with people that one would think the people in punggol was deprived from shopping for the longest time. Every eatery had a long queue. Even KFC and UMI Sushi.

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I managed to do Week 14 BBG Abs workout last night while watching The Bridge Of Spies. Having my own house is so amazing, I can watch TV and workout without anyone judging. I can't imagine my FIL or MIL staring at my constipated face while doing sit ups. #bbg #dayrefit

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