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April 2019

Woke up at 5 am to pee. Tummy feels a bit painful (but it’s been painful on and off for the last few days) and I can’t really tell whether it’s poop/ just cramps/ contractions. Tried to get back to sleep but is it my imagination or do I feel some liquid coming out? Got up to check, eh my pantyliner is wet so I think it might be the water bag leaking?Other than that... Nothing’s really happening so I’m just gonna go back to bed and lie down. 6:52am: water gushed out.

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First time being hooked onto the CTG machine. I get to hear baby’s heartbeat for 30mins. Such a nice comforting sound. I’m really hoping contractions have started. At 38 weeks, I’m more than ready for baby to be out.

March 2019

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Going on Dayre makes me shop more due to the exposure to pretty things and recommendations.Earlier this month, I got the very popular Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick but it was such a disappointment despite its high price. It’s not lasting and the shade doesn’t stand out. The other day, a very pretty and stylish dayrean posted about the Chanel 102 lipstick. It was a really gorgeous shade. I promptly went out to buy it and tried it on immediately. I LOVE IT.

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Baby has been rather active. When I prod my belly, she would respond with movements. Everything the baby does is cute to me and I don’t even know how she looks like yet 😅. Her movements, her scan pictures etc. I’m morphing into those typical mamas that are obsessed with their babies.

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