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November 2018

It’s been 18 days since I took my panorama test. I still haven’t receive the results yet. This Friday I will be at 16 weeks, I took the test at 13 weeks. The clinic initially said results will be out within 1-2 weeks. When I called on the 2nd week, they said oh it takes up to 3 weeks 🙄.I wish they know the implications of knowing results early and not drag so that if there’s any decision or additional test to be taken, parents have ample time to consider.

How to shave with a bump?

This question has been on my mind for the longest time.How do mummies-to-be shave their pubic hair once their tummy gets too big? I can’t stand being hairy down there so I’m really dreading this.I’ve never tried waxing before. But I might ask my gynae at my next visit. #dayrepregnancy

October 2018

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Bump at 13w3d. Baby was 6.5cm at 13w. At the 13w check up, baby moved during the scan from side profile to face us. So tickled to see baby move. We also got to see the top view of baby’s head and hands too. Spent 1.2k on the panorama test. Hopefully we will get the reasons by this week or early next week. Can’t wait to find out the baby’s gender. When the nurse asked if we want to know the gender, we immediately said yes! I don’t know how some can hold off knowing... cos I’m dying to find out.

Looks like the next few months will be a very busy period. List of things to complete within 5-6 months:1) We will need to find a new place2) Renovate3) Pack and clear old house for handover4) Move to new place5) Hire a domestic helper6) Find a confinement nanny7) Buy baby essentials.😱😵The husband and I must be mad. We have a place in mind already, so we just need to view the different units within the development. Rather new development with built ins, so simple renovation. 🤭

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clothes for the bump

I read that the bump will grow really quickly in second trimester. So in preparation of that, I decided to cart out some bump friendly clothes from taobao. Based on reviews, the material for this is quite thick and stretchy, so I carted this out in 2 colours. It’s around $20 before shipping.

My Sephora loots from the sale arrived on Monday. And the fresh soy face cleanser was missing and I didn’t realized it until today. So guys, do remember to check your items. I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy that’s making me blur/ forgetful 😅.

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