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mummy to #bbmatthew on 22/08/18

May 2019

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some baby is 9 months young today!#dayremummieson a side note, i miss my home, Singapore. 😢 been 2.5 months since i’m back. sigh..

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botak boy sleeping. hahaha. so ke ai. surrender. 🤣

i’m such a bad mama. i actually pinched & beat my baby just now as he refuses to nap. in front of my hubs family (hubs not around).what the hell am i thinking? 😭

April 2019

why isn’t life as simple as it could be? or rather be what i’ve imagined it to be? i’m so sick of my life right now. can’t do things to my own convenience. every step taken has to be think twice to prevent from being said at the back. 很烦咧. 也很stress.

March 2019

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#dayrehomes #taobaohello. anyone knows where to get the English version of this switches stickers on taobao?only saw Chinese ones so far. just wondering any English version on taobao? thank you!

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