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To read back on Day 365 with no regrets

May 2019

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What should a helper do during PWS?

visited demsey hill for the first time of my life...

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太阳如常升起 明天再升一次无论高峰或低谷都同样被俯视别爬行 因为啊 我们明明可以飞行对吧 你真的可以


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Yesterday my classmate told me something which I am completely guilty of doing too.

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I was told on Sunday that tomorrow (aka today) is a special day. And so it was!

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recommendations for marriage prep courses 🙏🏻

I’m searching on marriage preparation courses and of course I just have to Google “marriage preparation courses dayre” 😊for some reason idk why but the search results are a lil outdated, like mostly in early 2018 and before. Some posts were very informative and I kaypoh go read their latest posts too la hahaha.

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