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May 2019

Down with flu. Cant remember the last time I felt so sick. Totally concussed last night and whole of today. Thankful for hubs who took over to look after baby. Really hope I dont spread to baby coz I heard him coughing several times... sigh. When will this virus cycle stop.... the cons of ifc really.... now I am thinking twice about stopping to pump milk at 6 mths. At least if got breast milk for him, he sick can recover faster right? Haiz...

Spent ph at home cause baby is down with fever after his jab yesterday.... sad. His last 2 jabs also no fever. Duno y this one kena. haizz

April 2019

Zomg. Cant believe its may tml. My bday mth. My hubby bday mth. Our wedding anniversary. So exciting !...

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Isit can go audition for DOTS 2? #dayremummies

Today baby rolled from tummy to his back. Hehe. So happy to witness this moment together with my mum. Haha why my mum around coz hubby down with food poisoning so my mum came to help me for the day.

Is this the 4mth sleep regression? Baby been waking up every 4hrs for milk.... used to be able to sleep longer. Shagggg

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