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August 2019

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I am demotivated and exhausted; and it’s showing. I can barely find the motivation to work. It feels like running on a hamster wheel day after day.

July 2019

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Just booked our flight for a weekend vacation. Feeling extremely excited because it’ll be our first vacation as a family. ๐Ÿ˜†This vacation will be our version of a birthday party for O and me haha; plus A’s reward trip for being potty trained in 3 months. Promised him this since last year!So now looking for a hotel room which can fit 2 adults and 2 kids without being too cramped/expensive.

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A had his first therapy session with the speech therapist today. She framed his HfA very nicely; don’t use the word autism; but say it as he needs help in social thinking. Ok. I can live with that.One example is that he doesn’t share emotions. He prefers to have fun on his own; which is not good in a social aspect. Also he doesn’t have good eye contact which can be trained.All in all I think reframing his HFA as social skills training is good because it takes away the stigma.

March 2019

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3x at the paeds in a week.This must be a new record ๐Ÿ˜”.18 mos injection, hfmd and now an ear infection. And i feel effing guilty because hubs has taken a grand total of 6 days leave in two week including tomorrow.I took 2 days and 1 week quarantine leave - but injured my back so hubs had to take leave again on tuesday so I could go to physiotherapy.Then today I took baby to the paeds because he was crying the whole night, but my mum took my car so I had to ask hubby to send me.

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