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Happy New Year! 🎊

Counted down in front of the TV last night! Watching fireworks on tv in pjs hehe.

Started my new year right with a great breakfast with family!

This is at Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La where they have a breakfast buffet featuring local favourites.

Like this Nasi Lemak from The Coconut Club which was yummy! Love the fragrant rice & well marinated drumstick.

This Kaya toast is really good too!!! I read that the executive chef, who is a Caucasian, came up with the recipe. And he was actually the one grilling the bread and serving every one! The coconut flavour is really intense. Loved the thick slabs of cold butter too hehe. So good we had 2 servings.

One with my mummy. Sadly my dad couldn’t join us.

Still pretending like it’s Christmas πŸŽ„

Buffet friendly dress from hollyhoque!


Went to shop shop for a bit and town was super empty at 10.30am haha. I want this!!! So nice but it’s $189 & no discount too.

New perfume for the year!!

Tried the Chanel perfumes but the scents are seriously not my type haha. Except maybe the Gabrielle. But I love the pink Chance which I already have. No matter how much I like the red bottle, I can’t get it just for the bottle πŸ˜‚ So I got this in the end!

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Tuesday, 1 Jan 2019

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