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updated 1 month ago

Had to fight with so many others this morning but I managed to snag this dress!!

And this too!!

When I saw their ig post had a thousand plus likes I knew the website gonna be laggy haha.

Numerous 502 bad gateway but with a bit of refreshing, I managed to get what I want!

Except I carted them out separately since the first dress was launched first haha. Free shipping anyway 😅

Only half a day has gone by and I’ve gone to the wet market, cleaned up all the ingredients I bought, did a batch of laundry and helped the husband wash the car.

I may need a nap now 😴

Finally kept the Christmas tree hahah. Prolonged Christmas. I think my tree was up for more than a month. See u next year!!

Can’t wait for my cny deco to arrive!!

Day 12

Saturday, 12 Jan 2019

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sxllim (avatar)

sxllim The prints on the drawstring dress looks like archive collection 😅

1 month ago

deetan (avatar)

deetan Hello! Can I check if you received any other emails other then the paypal email when you successfully bought the OSN items? :)

1 month ago

imalittleteapot (avatar)

imalittleteapot @deetan I carted my items separately but only received 1 confirmation email! The other one is nowhere to be seen. But when I checked my account, the order is there so I think it’s ok.

@sxllim haha yes it does

1 month ago

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