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Life is lived through your frame of reference.

October 2017

I feel so blessed to see so many happy couples on Dayre. These people don’t know it, but they act as my role models/examples on how a relationship should be.Yes, its not all fairy tales and sparkles 24/7, i’m sure they have fights and what not too. It’s just the love and care they show their partner and receive in return that makes me go,

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When you break up with someone, it feels;Like the world is crumbling around you. Like your heart is in agony. Like you can’t breathe. Like you’ll die. But you realise,The ground is still firm beneath your feetYour heart, though aching, is still beating strong.Your lungs, still letting in air.That you’re still alive. It hurts now, but it’ll get better, eventually.You aren’t sure when, but its only a matter of time.

July 2017

Sigh... I miss my dorm days in Germany. Of course there were downsides, such as dorm mates not pulling their share. But the fantastic thing was I didn't need to have someone breathing down my neck over cleanliness (and i was so clean according to my friends - goes to show what a clean freak my mom is) and I could have friends over whenever I wanted.Didn't need to hear "get out of my house" etcetc in my own room 😂. Felt like that place was so great for my mental health.

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