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Life is lived through your frame of reference.

June 2018

Dealing with work anxiety

May 2018

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When happiness is a choice... or not?

This whole incident somehow strikes me of this dystopian game named “We Happy Few”.

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Last thoughts after reading all the comments on sgbb post

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Reading through all the different posts by sgbb and business owners on the straw bags saga, looking at the comments and likes by various people, it’s really helped me to see different points of view.

April 2018

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Fighting my pih

I used to have pretty bad skin as a kid, but that went away after I entered uni. I hardly got pimples and even if I did, I didn’t need to put pimple cream. However, that all changed when I entered my last sem of uni in august last year. I started breaking out so so so badly. It was horrible. I had no idea what was causing it and I was so desperate to fix it. It only started calming down in november or december.

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