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I might love food a tad too much.

June 2019

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Being sick at work just suckssssssss. I'm in one of those moods where I'm getting irritated rly easily lol esp a certain someone that just makes me wanna puke blood.Would be pretty damn amazing to just travel all over the world and somehow make some money at the same time 🤔 thinking about that YouTube couple who does that hahaha but I'm risk averse and I've got tuition fee loan to pay off so nope. 🌝

May 2019

Went over to Tanjong Pagar to find the bf after work. Had dry ramen for dinner - love getting this cos it isn't too filling! Which means more room for other food hahahaAfter that we walked over to Donki to get beer and a snack. Tonight's snack was 160g of cheese :D we rly love eating cheese hahaha then we headed off to one of our spots we always frequent to eat and drink. Love chill nights like this (': only if it was cooler... Hahaha

Enjoying my time alone during lunch today doing things that make me feel more at ease - walking around aimlessly (tho I feel that sometimes I walk too fast hahaha maybe it's cos I still feel some slight anxiety alone? But not rly.. Or maybe it's cos the ppl around me are walking fast), talking to my sis who was telling me about her attachment (very happy for her that she'll be moving on to a new phase of life i.e. school hahaha yay to new experiences) and eating my Mr Bean cheese pancake hehe

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The 3 weeks in Aussie has come to an end - back at work today!!!! May all go well~

April 2019

JUST TWO MORE DAYS.I'm really looking forward to the 3-week break!!!! The last few weeks of work have been crazier, people have become crazier too lol so it would be really nice to get out of all that for a while.Got a few stuff to clear before we fly off so hopefully all goes well and I don't have to worry so much about it!!

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Can't freakin wait to fly off!!!! But now, focus on work first 😑

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