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Wanderwoman lol

May 2019

A familiar face. Nothing beats seeing a familiar face in a new environment. Alhamdulillah this made my day. SubhanAllah in fact, many things made my day today and I am super grateful ❤

March 2019

Your vibe is at least what you can control.

February 2019

Never would I have imagined a day I would be thrilled to be given articles to make reviews on subhanAllah.

January 2019

We could be friends too.And I would have someone to tell things to.But that would just be me, acting entirely selfish.

그냥 포기하자.It's okay, self.Draw that line.

What I love most about noise cancelling headphones is the fact that you could still be in the same enviroment as the people around you, and at the same time be in a totally different world. It's like crossing dimensions. Purely magical.

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