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snacks and naps👰 BTB Dec 2019dayre user 90288

March 2019

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Starting on my one-egg-for-breakfast-a-day diet, let's see if it works!

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I find it quite absurb how some prebelievers want to have a pastor to solemnise their wedding? For what exactly?? For "additional" blessings? From a God that they don't believe in? Um... Another said it's cause pastors give more meaningful marriage advice? Yeah cos their advice is based on God's Word as the foundation. You can't pick and choose which part of God's Word you are willing to accept sister.

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Age really does catch up with you. Took my relatively good skin for granted previously, but just in a matter of months I could feel my skin becoming really dry and dull (发黄).

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Bangkok with Dan in a week's time! Have also confirmed Okinawa with the girls from 12 to 19 July, yay!

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Haven't had JPOT in awhile... 想念!

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