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July 2019

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Hello! I haven't been writing for so long now but I'm still reading others' posts hehe.I'm still on maternity leave (taking 6 months off for now) and so time has been passing by pretty quickly taking care of our little one at home by myself since my parents and in law left back in mid June and May respectively.

April 2019

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My life right now, summarised in a picture 🤣

... and I was telling hubby how I would need to pump today, otherwise they may be engorged and I defo don't wanna get to that point. Came home, fed baby (with formula) and put him to bed, tidied up our bedroom a lil, cleaned myself up, and got my pump out. Massaged my right boob for a few seconds and I could immediately see drops of liquid gold ready to roll!! Hahaha sorry TMI.

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I am so so so happy!!!!My breastmilk supply had been pretty low in the beginning and when baby latched on to me in the hospital, both my nipples cracked lol. So I hadn't been able to latch him til today. Tried pumping twice on Monday and Tuesday, and I only got 10ml and 15ml respectively. Not that I'm stressing over it but I'd definitely would love to have my supplies up. One of my friends gifted me a bottle of fenugreek capsules so I've been taking it twice a day since yesterday.

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I've watched this several times now but still haven't felt bored yet hehehe. This boy likes to stick out his tongue.

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He's here!! 😍

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