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Lalang blowing in the wind.

June 2019

Has anyone used mytourdestination from ig? Wondering if they are legit As their prices are so much cheaper!

May 2019

When is the time to say goodbye to your marriage?I hate this life everyday.

March 2019

So basically an “influencer” says she registered a company and have reported to HSA her products means it’s safe? You know that at the end of the day if you die or get seriously ill, all she’s going to do is say sorry right? How some pple continue to be so stupid just amazes me. Also I fucking hate this disclaimer - “I only bring in/sell/share what I believe in” lol. Ok becos ur standard damn high and you know what those ingredients (if you even bother) are leh. 😒Zzzzzzz

I realise growing old makes me very afraid.

if you are confident of yourself, you assert your authority regardless, doesn’t matter whether you are a woman or man

February 2019

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