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June 2018

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Our home for the year!

Alrights! Got my tl, director and ace signed my letter 😌. Wee has settled the accomodation and is now confirming our flight. Now that my ticket is funded, do i get another birthday present 😏?

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The review that 2 ingredients pancake (egg + banana) is merely an omelette with banana is so true 😒. This is not nice 😂😅😆.

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Went Changi City Point to get winter wear for the kids! Bought minimal sets cos we will be getting the rest in uk (the kids stuff there are cheaper).

Is it possible that you see so many bags reviews on social media that you are no longer attracted to the act of buying bags? My old self would have on impluse rushed to get the bags (exactly what i did few years back when i saw an aquaintance having the mini square. I was so attracted to it i went to taka the next day and got one for myself 😳). I dont know, maybe i have changed for the better 😂 or my priorities have shifted or the fact that im going to be incomeless soon 😅🤷🏻‍♀️.

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