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August 2018

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Panic mode on. Trying to clear as much pending jobs as possible!

6 more working days and I’m off for the year 😱! Trying to clear my pile of work plus I need to do clearance, sort out my laptop and emails, clear my desk for the newbie 🤯. Ok, slowly but surely. I’m having a few days break before we leave. I’m going to cut my hair, get some stuff, run some errands and erm savour my last few me-time moments 😅.

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Home is wherever we are together

3 more weekends and we are off! Been trying to slot in meet ups with our friends (not that we have a lot to begin with 😅).

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✌🏻 bought another new luggage. I reckon we can’t squeeze our stuff into 3 luggages. Maybe 4 also not enough 😪. Talk about being excessive. Wee friend brought 11 luggages (for 2 adults and 3 kids) over to US ok. We only 4 😅.

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Mickey go local! 🤗

Look at these! They are available on National Day onwards and I just made a preorder 🤗🤗. I have also been thinking of what to get for baby’s teachers as farewell/teacher’s day present and decided on these! So cute lei 🤗🤗🤗.

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