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February 2019

My Sister is the ultimate discipline Mistress when it comes to packing. I just got 2 days worth of housework/packing done in under 1.5 hours. For 1.5 hours, she taught me how to mop more effectively (hahahaha), asked me if I RLY needed the stuff that I wanted to keep, and cleared the trash while I continued sorting my stuff. My room looks and feels 1.5x the size of my messy room now that I have more space 😹

January 2019

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First spin of the year! Pretty sick results too considering my usual average calories hover around 700ish-750? I didn’t feel entirely out of place cos once u have had experience in spinning regularly, you’d feel comfortable w the bike in general. I did, however, feel awfully out of touch. My legs weren’t strong as before (duh) and I found it hard to focus cos my mind was all over the place for no good reason 🤦🏻‍♀️ #melicatexercises

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1st Eduardo Combat class for the year and the results are soooo sick?! I’ve been doing combat for 1.5 years now and this is the best results I’ve achieved 😹 I’ve truly came a long way wrt my fitness level and this has helped my cramps so much. Having a good instructor is clearly so important lol. #melicatexercises

I’ve been having this question pop up in my head a lot lately. And that is,

I really really REALLY should be grateful for a boss who lets me make mistakes but I also really really REALLY HATE it when he doesn’t check my work properly and makes the both of us pay after working hours. To top it off, he always tries to makes it seem like it’s my mistake. Some, yes, I admit I left it out by accident. But the rest? How can you say that I have left it out when you have already approved my content? ☹️

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