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updated 1 month ago

Sometimes I feel like I wish I could get a pet.

But seriously the Internet has broke me. I follow a couple of pet dedicated accounts and the lives that some of these owners provide their pets... I know I'll never be able to be such an awesome fur-parent haha.

It's ok, my non-fur kid is enough work and more than enough cuteness and love.

Plus, her fluffy hair is like fur.


Went for a playdate yesterday, the cuteness level.

Order from youngest to oldest, left to right. 2019 babies from church!

Tummy time y'all .

Urgh so cute.

Hi sweetie!

Also, I regret buying rascals and friends! Had 2 leaky pee diapers in one day!! So annoying!

Usually, when I go out, I really manage my expectations when it comes to her naps.

If she gets half an hour, I'm usually content. Poor kid.

Her she is taking her nap on a playmat hidden away in the corner. So cute.



At the husband's cafe munching on a cruffin and having a cuppa.


So cute!! Someone's throwing their baby's first month party here. They even got a bouncy castle lol.

Super effort and pretty.

Man, on M's first month, I was a super zombie. Like death warmed up. No way I could have planned a party.

Boing boing.

Day 201

Saturday, 20 Jul 2019

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touchmyheart (avatar)

touchmyheart Really huh. Is rascal and leak. Pampers is good.!

1 month ago

touchmyheart (avatar)

touchmyheart I like the photo of the 2 boys slacking away while M’s so good at tummy time.

1 month ago

huanghuien (avatar)

huanghuien @touchmyheart lol!! Sigh sian bought 2 packs somemore. Hehehhe they were all so cute.

1 month ago

neowanz (avatar)

neowanz Errr i bought 2 boxes 😂 but mine dont leak much except for her massive poop

1 month ago

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