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June 2019

Feeling disproportionately annoyed with public transport today.Go-jek driver being grumpy about the doona car seat as he felt it was unhygienic for his car seats (even though the wheels don't touch the fabric)The bus driver who told me to carry my baby when I have a stroller, a big diaper bag and shopping bag. With what hands dude??

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Oh man more and more signs of aging and auntie-dom and uncle-hood1. Husband got a passioncard2. Decaf coffee is suddenly a very attractive concept3. Family studio photo shoots seem like a great idea 4. I carry a big black backpack to work, lol

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So blessed by this child.Feeling a little stressed out though cause I couldn't pump as much milk as she drank today. We had to dip into the freezer stash.It's ok it's ok fed is best.==I've been messaging various mummy friends who have babies younger than M.I just want to say... IT'S OK. Everything will be ok. They nurse too long, they nurse too little. They refuse to nap, they refuse to sleep at night. They're always crying, they only want to be carried.

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Full shot of the sukusuku. Love how it matches my muji furniture so well.

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18 weeks old💕

Sigh 4 months pp and I feel so frumpy. Been putting on weight again but I'm so tired and stressed out that I'm really finding a lot of comfort in junk food and sugar.:(Sad.I feel like I don't have much stuff to wear in my wardrobe, and I don't want to spend money buying more clothes.

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