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May 2019

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last weekend of maternity leave

She woke up early from her nap crying. Usually, I would leave her in for the full nap hour. But she just sounded so sad that I went in and picked her up. Help her close and comforted her.She fell back asleep. Very unlike her.

Still fuming. Been fuming for the last 5 days and it just gets worse every day.So miserable, like being poisoned from the inside.

Sigh feeling very down and disappointed.Helper got herself into trouble and we are working on helping her out without spoiling her.T_T

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Strange dreams reverberatng about my head.Anyways, baby slept from 5.30pm till 12am (dream fed her at 8pm when I realised she didn't want to wake up from nap 4 😕). At 12.45am, she looked wide awake and I was soooo flustered. Tried lying down next to her but she was just so awake and chatty and moving. Took a leap of faith and transferred her to the cot wide awake and went back to my room. A little bit of protesting but no screaming. Next thing I know, I'm waking up at 6.50am to her gentle ehs

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Sigh, what a terrible night.It's as if she needed to balance the scales after 2 good nights.She was up from 1.30 to 3.30am, and up at 5.30 to 7am (and only went back down for 45 mins before she was up for the day).Not sure if she was just manja cause I went in to the office for the whole afternoon. She wasn't hungry, she just wanted me to hold her or lie down next to her.

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Yaaayy baby slept from 9+pm to 7.15am!Dont know why she didn't wake up hungry though. She still wanted to roll around and babble away for another half an hour before nursing, lol why.

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