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updated 2 months ago

Taiwan reco pls πŸ™πŸ»

Back again to tap on the wisdom of Dayreans!

Please recommend me places to stay in Taipei (ximending area maybe?)

Also for Taichung πŸ™πŸ»

Just booked our flights to Taipei for end March via Scoot as there’s a promo this morning and it’s about $280 per pax! It isn’t the cheapest but good enough cause I really wanna start booking stuff already instead of waiting for the next best deal.

We are thinking of going to Taichung as we haven’t been there before and it’ll be our 3rd time to Taipei so pretty familiar with it already. No fixed dates for either so far, likely to go straight to Taichung after touchdown.

What is the better way to travel to Taichung from Taipei? I know there’s bus and train (TRA or HSR). Personally I will prefer train but I know train stations can be out of the way so maybe bus is better?

#dayretravel #taiwan

There seem to be loads of new places to eat in Taipei! So HMU with good places to stuff our faces too 😜

Will we be fortunate enough to see this? 😍


Been feeling mad anxious the past 2 days, kept checking a particular email account over and over again ahhhhh and I thought I’ll be okay with it even if it doesn’t work out... yet now I know I’ll be super disappointed if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to.

All signs seem to be pushing it in a positive way so fingers crossed 🀞🏼

I didn’t drop out of school but this video is perhaps the push I need to do something different, something more.

Day 22

Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019

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Pforprettyzpamz (avatar)

Pforprettyzpamz via hotel!

2 months ago

desireelyp (avatar)

desireelyp I second via hotel !!!! Got free snacks bar which includes simple breakfast and supper daily, service is good too. & its tuck conveniently at XMD area.

2 months ago

likeawesomeonly (avatar)

likeawesomeonly Cityinnplus ximending babe! It’s my 11-12th time in taiwan . Went almost all part of taiwan already :)

2 months ago

likeawesomeonly (avatar)

likeawesomeonly If want can telegram! :)

2 months ago

Luvsy (avatar)

Luvsy Due to friend’s recommendation, I stayed at hotel puri xmd last oct. Love the location and reasonable pricing!

2 months ago

wongxinyi (avatar)

wongxinyi hotel midtown richardson is good!! the hotel is near xmd’s station exit & is just a few mins walk away to the main xmd area!!

2 months ago

ssohmq (avatar)

ssohmq muzik hotel, zhonghua branch

2 months ago

mini.c (avatar)

mini.c I vote for Puri Hotel too.. cheap and good location

2 months ago

jayyaye (avatar)

jayyaye Midtown Richardson in XMD! But try to go for the slightly bigger rooms because the small ones are really small. I just got back from Taiwan! πŸ˜„

2 months ago

angieserasee (avatar)

angieserasee I love Midtown Richardson!!! The location is extremely convenient, right opposite the xmd h&m and it’s a pretty big landmark so cabbies usually know, just have to tell them εΎ·η«‹θŽŠ!

2 months ago

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