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Turning back of clock fail 😅 this is the continuation of previous post

Popped down to Collate which was a short walk away as Lihan wanted to pick something out there

Love how minimalist and classy the place looks! The brand relaunched with a new collection and the pieces look so good. Bumped into a friend there and she was shopping for CNY clothes with her mum too. The pieces are really quite timeless! Wished I can fit into some of them hahaha but it’s okay, my wallet thanks me for not abusing it this season

It was quite warm outside and we popped down to Apiary for ice cream. Ahhhh so nice to just sit down to chit chat with the girls 😊

We also walked to OSN at Ann Siang Hill

Weekend mood~

Many pieces are sold out already and I’m still thinking what to do with my OSN credits. Anyone keen to get it off me? $109 worth for $100! I really don’t have anything to get now and they don’t give a refund 😣


Came back home after and this was my sian face cause space was invaded again 😑 but just nice can see my duochrome shadow + foundation that stayed on well even after perspiring for hours and hours.

I used the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation with a damp beautyblender and set it with Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Was really perspiring like crazy and half expecting my base to look cui at the 7-hour mark, yet it wasn’t! Also you can see my dry lips, really a ton of fine lines omg

Went for simple brunch with da boo on Sunday at Old Town! I love the white coffee there. The food is decent hahaha but the best but convenient.

Also, his T-shirt always makes me laugh a little when I see it hahahaha I bought it for him cause it suits a glutton to a tee (lol geddit)

Yesterday’s reluctant face back to work

Took a new way to work instead of my usual Bugis then Promenade route, walked from City Hall instead and it’s honestly not bad leh. Takes me less than 15mins to reach my office and it includes picking up my morning drink.

Still really liking this!

Colleagues wanted to go Wee Nam Kee for chicken rice but I already had it the day before for dinner so decided to try something else from there instead. I know their zichar stuff is pretty good and I was craving for beehoon so I ordered their sambal which turned out very nice! It’s a moist kind of stir fried beehoon with a sweet savory sambal plus seafood. Generous portion for $5.50, I couldn’t even finish and was stuffed! Definitely wanna try other dishes next time.

Wore one of the TCL x Pearlyn pieces to work, threw on my blazer to make it more work-ish. Still strange for me to wear a piece of white clothing but I like it! 🤗

Walked to work again today and bought teh peng siu dai! I only drink cold drinks unless I fall ill

Colleague made pineapple tarts 😋 haven’t buy any CNY goodies until today and have been eating some on & off cause my colleagues have been contributing to our unofficial HR snack corner that’s on the only empty table beside me hahaha

Attas place to eat beef horfun! Now we are so near the NUSS club, definitely will go there more often. I’m really feeling it when it comes to spending quite abit for lunch. Been inspired to make lunches to bring to work, now that we have a microwave oven at work, I can heat up food! Wheeee can’t wait to have healthier food and save moolahs

Went for CNY goodies shopping with the colleagues and I finally got some!

Wanted to get almond/cashew cookies from Yang Yang as we loved it last year but it’s all sold out already noooo! So we walked around the CNY fair at Suntec tower 4 atrium and tried Bai Jia Xing as they have almond cookies still. Turns out it’s damn nice also 🤩 plus! You can choose your surname to put on the center of the lid, 300 characters to choose from leh! I wanna put Nigel’s family surname also can’t cause they don’t have Chinese character for their surname 😂 so I put my 林

This will make such a great gift for your parents or in-laws!!! Like a small detail added, super got 诚意. If you wanna get something to gift this season, can consider them.

I also bought cheese pineapple balls from Kele! Their pineapple filling is not too sweet and not too sour, a very good balance. Most of their regular pineapple tarts are sold out, so I was consider between the regular pineapple balls and this cheese one. The cheese one won as I like the crunchy bits on top and a savory kick. Very nice!

Let Nigel try just now and he likes them too. Then again, he not picky one hahahahaha so if I can pass, he sure pass also.

Giveaway for this up on my ig! I’m giving away 12 shades of the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation and it’s definitely one of my top picks for foundations in general. So inexpensive yet good! Do join if you would like to win one 💖

Day 29

Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019

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happygreentea (avatar)

happygreentea Hello! Would you be trying out the dermabell gel masks? Saw it appear on my feed and it looks interesting! 😮

1 month ago

yabqq (avatar)

yabqq Hi there! Can I know what is ur skin type? Is maybelline fit me suitable for oily skin?

1 month ago

ofhappysmiles (avatar)

ofhappysmiles @hoppypoppyz are you still selling your OSN credits? ;)

1 month ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @happygreentea hi! I’m not too keen to try modeling masks as I’m too lazy for the whole process, sorry 🙈 but if i ever do try it out, will definitely share! :)

@yabqq Hi! I have combo skin and you can check out the more in-depth foundation review I did for the foundation at #venxmaybelline 🤗

@ofhappysmiles hi! Yes I am! You can reach me via ig dm or telegram if you’re keen :)

1 month ago

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