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Last week - Need space, CNY nails and Saturday day-out

This was last Tuesday I think? I wished I look this glowy irl! Been sending Nigel selfies the whole week in case he misses me hahahaha

Wore one of Venity’s earrings out and there’s one last pair in case you’re keen! I really want gold coin anything for accessories, looking for a bracelet that I can get that also has gold coin like that

Btw I’m seriously considering getting eyebrow embroidery done now! Didn’t think I would wanna get it but I’m kinda over how not balance both brows are and I’m really just not good with brows.

Took grab to work, what’s new? Carried one of Venity’s bags too hahaha soon I’ll really just be using accessories and bags from there

Last photo in Centennial tower’s lift, don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon if ever!

Went to a kebab place at MW for lunch and I can’t believe it’s my first time there after 1.5 years of working beside MW hahaha it’s nice! The meat portion is substantial and I didn’t finish half of the rice so it’s quite okay I guess

Colleague got us cupcakes from 12 Cupcakes and I remembered we all used to be quite crazy about them when they first came out. Now it’s everywhere and I just don’t eat them anymore. The red velvet is still nice though!

Btw my current fave kimono is from
Zalora and it’s very thin (perf for SG weather) and smooth and long enough for me to swish around in. I think I’m gonna reach for this ALOT

Also last mirror photo in this toilet!

I wanted to go home to rest and be by myself for abit so I can slowly have my dinner with Netflix as my companion before my work call but nope, clearly there’s other plans for me... was honestly so irritated that I had a massive headache that day.

At work, you have to be very professional and almost be a slightly different version of yourself, so when I go home to a space where I can totally myself, I really don’t want to deal with anyone that invades my space or makes me feel like I rather be at work. Also, idk who is reading this so better put disclaimer that it isn’t Nigel’s parents okay hahaha they are very sweet plus knows my pattern lol and give me loads of personal space.

I may be an extrovert, but I need to have quiet time to recharge my energy so I can continue to be my best self in front of others. When my planned quiet time is disrupted or something just pops up, I’ll honestly be in such a foul mood that I can’t function.

After hours of torment, I finally could be alone and was so much happier! Nothing a couple of panadol, cute pjs, sheet mask and Netflix can’t fix. Instantly felt more relaxed phew~

I even fixed up more of this stackable storage containers so I can keep some my stocks and bags I wanna keep out from dust + clothes I set aside for future grabbags. They were in promo on Shopee so I hurried ordered which is such a good decision as my portion of my room already looks neater. Btw ignore the mess on the shelf on the right, I need to do something about it before it gets more out of hand oops

On Thursday it was packing up every last bit of stuff in our cramped little HR room. From the day I joined, was told not to get comfortable in the space we are at, as our own office space is coming. After 1.5 years, it finally happened!!!

New desk new fengshui! Okay I don’t really believe in that hahaha at least not for workplace

We finally FINALLY have a nice proper pantry! You would think a pantry seems normal and that it’s a basic thing right, but the one at the place we were at was really ~meh~ as there isn’t even a microwave and they have basic chilled drinks that you have to pay.

Now with our own space, there’s vending machines where you can get free drinks and snacks with your employee ID. Plus they will change up the selection inside too, which is awesome.

View from pantry

As there was a media event in the morning and partner event in the evening, the lunch catering for employees was also from the one that the PR team usually uses. It’s like more upscale western food style which is not bad!

Crime brûlée and tiramisu were fab 💯

There’s even an oyster cart where you get freshly shucked oysters on the spot! Everyone said the oysters are very fresh

Dressing up starts from beautiful nails 💖 just took a look at the quote!

Popped down to @Lebrowniec place to get my nails done by her, so happy she managed to slot me in hehe her slots fill up very quickly so really need to book in advance especially before a big festive period

This was the nail inspo I sent Fiona and my style is really evolving, I’m very into more classy simple designs for nails, accessories, colours etc. This doesn’t scream CNY but it has the essential red and gold I like to have for some huat-ness hahahaha

Here’s what she did!

Most elements are the same as the inspo set, just more opaque gold glitter and different gold embellishment used. I love it!!! It’s very me 😍

*happy sigh*

Nothing complicated but very pretty! Even Nigel said it’s very nice and he is quite honest if he thinks something doesn’t suit me. This almost makes my losing-ring-scare worth it, almost. If you dk what I’m talking about, read previous post hahahaha

Btw the colours are definitely darker irl than in the 2 photos above! Realized this set is super suitable for vday which is just a week after start of cny

You can view #venxnailhaven for my previous nail sets and I know I always say this, but her work really lasts super well on my thin brittle nails and I’m quite chor lor too! My last set lasted for 6 weeks with no chipping or lifting, only went to remove cause it was getting too long for my personal preference.

Follow @/nailhavensg in IG to see all her work and updates! Now her feed is filled with so much huat hahahaha all the pretty CNY nails 😍

Also, she is fully booked for CNY but slots are opened for after their CNY break and you can book on - Slots are opened one month before which means you can only book up to one month in advance. It’s time to book your after-CNY nail appointment liao, especially with Fiona as her slots really do run out pretty quickly.

Thanks again @Lebrowniec for giving me chio nails always 🥰😘💖

This was Friday I think~

Yasssss new office space with a desk that can be a standing desk with a touch of a button 🙌🏻

Welcome to office opening basket for all employees on our desk

One of the business leaders wore our company T-shirt, socks and even shoes?! I didn’t even know we have shoes pls! I saw some in checkered shirts with company logo embroidered on hahahaha totally company spirit pls

There were so many floral arrangements to congratulate us on office opening and this was my fave! Cause it’s dried flowers which means they last almost forever and the colour scheme is very trendy!

It’s wonderful to have proper pantry space to eat lunch you dapao-ed instead of heading out to eat everyday

I don’t comb my hair on most days and sometimes I do run through them with my fingers but this was not one of them 😅 maybe cause it was Saturday? Messy hair, don’t care lol

In love with Bhcosmetics Eyelights! They are very comparable with Stila ones I feel and this gorgggg duochrome shade is Psych. Not a usual everyday colour but I already set out to use it that day and so I did

Was too lazy to dig out a cool tone brown shade to use in the crease so I used my bronzer instead so it doesn’t look as matching with the eyelights but irl it doesn’t seem that obvious. I swear the duochrome liquid shade did all the work here to make my eyelook seem like I’ve used tons of effort when I didn’t.

It’s extra pretty on video 😍 so many of you on ig asked me what eyeshadow I used and complimented it!

Also, my lash lift by Lash Up is still doing super well!!!! Honestly I don’t need mascara if I don’t wear any eyeshadows. Very happy to see my friends going back to them again after their first try! Lash lift is lift changing I tell you

For lips, I used the Pat McGrath Mattetrance in Femmebot and it looked slightly glossy when I applied it on top of lip balm. It’s definitely on the matte side when I apply it alone. Not sure if it’s worth the money hahaha

Made Nigel quickly take photos for me before I head out as I wanna finally do the giveaway for the Maybelline Fit Me foundations that I have on hand! They gave me all the shades and I really don’t need all. Kept one for myself and giving one to a friend, will give away all other 12 shades. Stay tuned on my ig for that 😉

Oh yah my expression is like that cause he took forever to help me snap photos hahahaha he help me but still must face my sass lol

Was out to meet @clrxe and @glassfacade for brunch at Five Oars

The place is green and spacious

Clare said it reminded her of cafes in Australia, really got the feelz

We usually share food but somehow we got 3 mains that day hahaha one each


I got the Chicken Rosti which has shredded chicken breast meat with poached egg on top of rosti

It’s been awhile since my last poached egg and Five Oars did it well!

The coffee is pretty good too, overall we all enjoyed the food and not too pricey. Will go back again if I’m in the area, just note that it’s quite echoey so have to spread louder to hear each other. But the space has ample seats and table are not too closed each other.

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Monday, 28 Jan 2019

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tyjsteph (avatar)

tyjsteph Hello how much is the storage container? Thanks in advance!

1 month ago

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coffeeluvs Wow nice!

1 month ago

fluffymeh (avatar)

fluffymeh The dry ban mian looks so good! May I know where is it from! Thanks!

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rxyne (avatar)

rxyne The nails are so 😍😍😍

1 month ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @tyjsteph hi! The prides differs from time to time, you can check it out on the Shopee - seller name is houze

@fluffymeh it’s from Grabfood actually hahaha I stay in Jurong West area and it’s from a seller called Xiang Xiang Mee Hoon Kueh

1 month ago

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