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Skincare talk: Good, bad and potential 💆🏻‍♀️

Thought of sharing a couple of products that I’ve started using end of last year to early this year, then this title came to my mind when I was in the shower just now...

The good, bad and potential

It’s basically sharing about 3 products and there’s one that’s good/great, one that’s very normal/bad and one that has potential to be very good but needs abit more time to fully gather my thoughts.

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Starting off with something positive - the good!

I’ve been teasing saying that I’ve fallen in love with a new sheet mask and it’s this one that @chanclara gave me to try towards the end of December last year.

It’s $59 for a box of 5 which makes it slightly under $12 per piece and that is a pretty pricey sheet mask I must say, which made me more hesitant to share that I like it so I used it for 5 times before I’m ready to give my thoughts.

It’s a sheet mask that’s made in Singapore and it’s my first time using one made here. There’s a ton of claims made on how this sheet mask can help:

• Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Ultra-Intensive moisturizing
• Lightens pigmentation and brightens skin
• Visibly shrinks pores
• Promotes silky, smooth and soft skin
• Promotes skin whitening and radiance
• Enhances skin tightening and elasticity

It is also said to be non-irritating even for sensitive skin, which is great to know even if you don’t have sensitive skin!

Some key ingredients to note:

Dragonfruit extract - Rich in antioxidants, protects skin from UVA/UVB which causes aging

White tomato extract - Aids in skin lightening and prevents pigmentation from forming

Centella Asiatica extract - Soothes irritation and increases elasticity, still one of the top fave skincare ingredients from last year

Ceramides - Fortify skin’s natural barrier, restores skin’s firmness and elasticity. Also locks in moisture so skin is more plump

It’s a thin cotton/cloth sheet mask and comes with a plastic backing which helps to keep the sheet mask in shape. The mask is soaked with the essence but it’s not dipping or anything so don’t worry about the mess. Also, the sheet mask packet does not have much balance essence and I thought to let y’all know so some of you may have the habit to pour out remaining essence to apply on face or body

Looks like this when I apply it on my face and you can see how well it adheres 🤩 so easy to smooth out any air bubbles and the cutouts are decently placed so there’s no awkward big gaps. The size of the sheet mask is also almost just nice for my big face but if you have a higher forehead than me (I call mine a three-head cause only 3 fingers wide 😂), it’ll be just nice for you.

You can apply it on for 20-30mins for maximum effect and I had it on for about 20mins when it starts to dry out on my nose and upper lips area. This was how the sheet mask looks like after close to 30 mins of use. The areas on my forehead and cheeks, where they are the driest, still looks pretty soaked with the mask essence. I do my skincare routine every night in my room with the AC blasting so that I’m sure has caused it to dry out more quickly.

Left: Before (right after washing face)
Right: After (right after removing mask)

I’m thankful that I don’t have major issues on my skin, just facing constant redness, uneven skin tone and scarring. Always looking to improve my skin and if this sheet mask helps, I’ll be so happy. Took a before and after picture, just to compare it on camera. The effects irl is very obvious! I honestly didn’t wanna hold hopes too high for this because I’ve been ‘conned’ by highly raved sheet masks before.

Tried to take both photos under the same lighting conditions and angle as much as possible. You can see the redness has gone down, overall skin tone is brightened and my texture is also reduced??? Even my smile line looks slightly less obvious 😱 I honestly think is best part is definitely the brightening + reducing of skin texture. Plus it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on the skin, like my skin really absorbed all essence.

After patting in any balance essence on the skin, I’ll finish off the routine with one of my usual face creams. It won’t feel like I have too much products on the skin and I’ll wake up the next day with bright smooth skin. The brightening effect actually lasts not just on the night itself and will be on for the next couple of days, at least based on my experience. This is why it’s now my current fave sheet mask!!! I know Clara gave me the ones I’ve used, but I’ll gladly purchase it from her.

Because I think it’s already a staple in my sheet mask rotation hahaha I use this once a week or when I feel my skin looks abit dull. So far that’s no weird reaction to it and also, the scent is quite mild and pleasant, which makes my masking experience more enjoyable without a strong fragrance flooding my nose.

If you’re keen to get it, you can reach out to @chanclara on IG! There’s a promo bundle for 5 boxes where you can save $64 I think! I wanna order that soon hahahaha so I won’t feel stress thinking about how my stash is running out 🙈

Next, the bad.

I was so torn when the La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum didn’t work for me 😭 as I had pretty high expectations of this product.

Took this off Liahyoo’s ig

How I got to know about the serum was from her YouTube videos where she shared about it quite a few times! She included it in multiple of her skincare faves, even for the yearly one, and also in one that focused on hydrating skincare for dehydrated skin. I really had such high hopes for this as I I trust her recommendations as she is very well versed in most things skincare and also has finicky skin that needs more care.

When I saw LRP SG Instagram account shared that the serum has arrived in Watsons, I chionged out the next day to buy it! Like really don’t care about the price and just buy hahaha cause was dying to try it.

The first time I used it, was surprised by how strong the fragrance is 😳 even though the perfume/fragrance is the very last one in the ingredients list which means it’s the least as compared to all the other ingredients, but still super strong smelling to me. The first night I used it, it felt very nice on the skin, smoothed out nicely and my skin looked well hydrated.

Btw all the other products I used (cleanser, toner, sheet masks and cream) in my routine are all not new, to ensure the only change is the serum so I can know if it works for me or not. Anw back to the first time I try it, it felt so nice on the skin that I was so hopefully on it being a good replacement for the L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Serum that I love. Continued to use it for the next one week and that’s when I noticed bumps started to appear 😶

I thought it’s my diet or the heat getting to me, so initially I didn’t think too much about it as my skin do go through periods where I get small bumps. At one point in time, I had to put on 12 acne patches on my face before I sleep! Even though I’m those crazy person that put a patch on any potential spot, 12 patches was still too many. So to be on the safe side, I stopped using the serum and kept everything else almost the same. My skin calmed down and stopped having small red bumps.

After the 1 week recovery I gave myself, I decided to try the serum again and used lesser this time round + not use a sheet mask after and just followed up with moisturizer. There’s still small bumps appearing the next day. I’ve concluded that this product is simply too heavy on my skin and I get clogged pores easily, this made is worse. Honestly I didn’t see any ingredient that I could possibly be sensitive to and I’m not sure if it’s the fragrance as well.

So if you have been thinking of trying this, I would say to patch test first at least for a couple of nights. Or if you also have sensitive and acne-prone skin, give this a miss. It’s not that cheap ($69.90) and really has a pretty strong scent that not everyone can stand. That being said, if you are using it and it works for you, that’s awesome! What doesn’t work for me, may work for someone else hahaha you don’t have to drop it like it’s hot and stop using it.

The potentially good product is the Hera Cell Essence!

I got this from my previous Korea trip and I did use it when I came back, but you know with each overseas trip, I’ll come back with so many new products that I’ll end up neglecting some. This is as one of the ones that I left aside after a few uses and told myself to use it soon. Ended up keeping it for so long and only started using it in the past couple of weeks

My skin has been quite clear and soft and smooth after I incorporate it into my night time routine so fingers crossed this works for me!!! Will update y’all and likely put it in the next #goodbadpotential if this is a winner!

Day 30

Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019

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Supermundane (avatar)

Supermundane Omg!! The LRP serum is on my wish list!

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juschev I've also just started to use the serum. What's wrong ah?

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cutieppqq Hi! May I ask if you do ipl for whitening underarms?

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applecubes (avatar)

applecubes hi! do u use a first essence after toner? if so.. any recommendations? thank you! 😄😄😘

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