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Empties #8

The paper bag that was holding all my empties was full already and I was in a mood to clear my room so I took the chance to get rid of my empties.

#dayrebeauty #venempties

Cleansing waters and makeup removers

I go through these the most! Nothing new though, it’s all my tried and true. Bifestia Cleansing Lotion (just just cleansing water really) in Brightup is my current go-to one that I always have a backup on hand of. Maybelline Eye+lip Makeup Remover is also my current main one for removing waterproof makeup as it is gentle but effective.

Kinda sad skinfood is closing down due to bankruptcy, my first waterproof makeup remover love is from them!

Cleansers! I do try new ones sometimes but I’ll stop using any that just doesn’t quite feel right. So if I finish something or even multiples of one, it means I really like it hahaha

Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser is a nice and simple non-stripping cleanser. I use this mainly in the mornings as the citrus smell wakes me as well. I don’t do elaborate skincare routine in the morning so a simple gentle cleaner works best!

Klavuu Green Pearlsation Blemish Care Bubble Cleanser is still my fave, I managed to order some online and Gigi also asked her friend to bring some back from Korea hehe so I’m set for awhile. It helps to keep my acne-prone skin more calm and if I do get any breakouts, I do feel that this helps in quicker recovery too.

Toners! I’m always generous when using them so my skin is happily hydrated and I don’t drag cotton pad on my skin to cause premature aging

The Klairs one was something I used awhile ago and there’s still abit left but I’m getting rid of it as the fragrance is kinda strong to me now and in general I prefer watery toners too. It feels like a lotion texture than water toners.

Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing Skin was a toner that’s a surprise find! I remember getting it in Korea just to try something from the blueberry line and it turns out to be very very nice 😍 my skin feels more plump after using it and I like that it helps to rebalance pH level and oil-water balance. I don’t think the Blueberry line is in Innisfree Singapore which is a pity!

Mamonde Rose Water Toner is a simple hydrating toner that I used for morning time. If you don’t like rose scent, you won’t like this. It’s not my fave toner now but it’s a decently priced one for what it does. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it anytime soon!

Laneige Fresh Calming Toner was my top fave for soothing redness and I still like it a lot, abit sad that they discounted this one and I’ve yet to try the no scent one yet. Will definitely wanna try it!

Well well, needs no explanation. Still what I use everyday! Muji Light Toning Water (Moisture) really hydrates the skin and it’s great for even the most sensitive skin as there’s no added nasties. I use this with a cotton pad and also pat on a couple layers if my skin needs that boost of hydration. Already on my next bottle 💦


L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Serum is so good! Was so sad when I finished it 😭 I think I’m gonna buy it again cause I really like it a lot. Talked about it in a previous post if you’re keen to know my thoughts about it in detail.

SWS Snowise Brightening Serum was given to me previously and even though I do think it did even out my skin tone, I probably won’t purchase it for now as my acids and vit c serums are doing a pretty good job at maintaining my skin’s condition.

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence has been my daytime staple as it really keeps my combination skin well hydrated yet not too heavy to mess with the base products I use daily. Also thinking about repurchasing this cause I like it a lot! Another one that I’m sad to finish which usually means I really really like it hahaha

EA Skin Renewal Booster was something I enjoyed too! It did reduce the effects of irritants on my skin and kinda has a silicone-y feel to it that makes the base go on smoother.

Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Boosting Ampoule is a customizable product as you can choose the effectors you want to add to the ampoule based on your skin’s needs! I added Cica (for my acne-prone issues) and Brightening, as my skin gets dark and full easily. This is very lightweight, doesn’t irritate my skin and I use this mainly for nighttime. It’s great to use before sheet masking. Will definitely buy this again and try out the other effectors too!


All 3 here are my faves 😍 for daytime, Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream is so SO good. It’s called a cream but really feels like a gel on the skin once you spread it out. The ceramide in it will keep your skin moisturized the whole day, without feeling like it’s suffocating on the skin or oily. My combo skin digs this! I already have a backup on hand hehe ready to break into it anytime.

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream EX is my second fave cream from the brand (Orchid one is my top fave) as it also has more of a gel cream texture which is what I go for to suit my combo skin. If you like the green tea scent or line from Innisfree and have normal/combo skin, you will enjoy this too.

Minon Amino Moist Charge Milk needs no further intro as I’ve talked about it many times hahaha always have this on hand! Another one opened and 1/3 through it hahaha staple in my routine

More creams!

Only the best cream ever for dry skin, eczema skin, sensitive skin - Cerave Moisturizing Cream ✨ can’t believe I already finished one big tub of it and making my way through the next tub, I don’t think I can live without it now hahaha lugged this back from the states and now ordering it from iherb. It saved my skin in dry cold weather in Japan and my peeling fingers which is a constant thing. My hands are mad dry so I lather this before I sleep every night to wake up to soft hands

I don’t use this on my face but I know it is good for face too. I also have the lotion version which is not good enough for my dry hands and legs, but it’s a good one for the face. Give it a try okie! I’ve been raving about Cerave to everyone for months hahaha

LRP Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Repairing Balm is a long time love too, I use it when I have problematic skin and want to cut down on my skincare products. I also use it on any random bumps I have on the rest of my body as it helps them in healing. Another product I also have one on hand of! Pricey but really works so I always buy it when there’s Watsons promo hahaha

Moving on to makeup products

Always finishing up powders and I’ve mentioned all 4 powders before! My current fave setting powder for my dry as desert cheeks is definitely the Innisfree No-sebum Moisture powder and yes, I’m excessive like that, having a setting powder just for my cheeks hahahaha

The Clearlast powder still replaces my foundation and I always spray loads of setting spray to make it less powdery looking. Eglips is a good powder to make your skin look more smooth and poreless.

A bunch of stuff I finished or it’s time to get rid due to how they are used around areas such as eyes (have to change up more often so there’s no chance of infection)

UD All Nighter Setting Spray is my top fave!!! I don’t think the mist is the best but it’s really locks in my foundation so I’ll happily repurchase it. I always have at least one travel size bottle of it on hand so I can bring on my trips or staycays too. My base’s longevity will be extended by soooo much I swear!

Flowfushi Moterliners are so good!!!! They not only last on my oily eyelids but also super easy to draw on the eyes. I suck at drawing eyeliner so this is mad helpful for me hahaha

L’Oréal Lash Paradise is still current go-to drugstore mascara! I have many backups hahaha as it’s of a drier formula so if I use it almost daily, I’ll change it up more quickly. It’s also good to change your mascara every 3 months okie! Especially if you have sensitive eyes like me or also wear contact lens.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is still my fave leh hahaha I know there’s many new ones in the market but I don’t feel tempted to try 😅 already opened a new one and now they are in Sephora SG

(Okay I’m feeling tired already hahahaha sorry my brain can’t think right now so I’ll quickly go through the rest if I can think of anything 😂)

Some brow products I’m getting rid of and also have been when I use all the time - Essence Make Me Brow which I’ve finished many and have backups of, L’Oréal Brow Stylist is so good and I need to repurchase is, Laneige Eyebrow Cushion-cara is also great for natural gradient eyebrows and there’s a small spoolie inside so great for travel!

Another Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser bites the dust! I always have backups of this as it’s the most effective brush/sponge cleanser and I still like to a lot + have backups of. But, BUT I found another one that’s comparable and more affordable and bigger in size so can last longer - 13rushes Marvel Bar Chunky Soap Bar. Damn good pls!!!! Cleans super well and has no weird added scent, I love it! Almost half the price and more product too ahhh okay sorry bye Beauty Blender cleanser

Swisse Hair Skin Nails supplement empties! I have another bottle but decided to stop taking it as I don’t wanna rely on it. It did work for my skin and nails, not so much for my hair I think? I’m super tempted to try the Halo Beauty one, should I???? I’m also thinking about my wedding skin hahahahaha still have more than 1.5 years lah ganjiong so what lol it’s never too early.

Okay end of my empties! Can’t wait to see the next post and what else I’ll finish hahaha

Oh yes! I also wanna do a post where I share all the stuff that doesn’t work for me so I can finally give them away to people around me or throw away. I have bags of stuff just lying around all the time.

Watsons has $22 off $100 off that’s applicable for a wide range of items and at first I was like hmm I don’t ha e anything to get. But I saw them pushing AHC products and I was like yah hor??? I wanna try AHC! So I bought 4 items 😂 they are already on offer so with the $22 off, even better *waves arms above head* yeahhhh good deal yo hahahaha

What happened to “stop buying so much skincare when you have so many unopened ones”

The purpose of this photo is to show my pjs yet it’s not being focused on here! I just wanna share that Nigel’s mum just told me I look so sweet when I walked by her to head to the kitchen to fill up my bottle 😂 not bad ah, I can look sweet in my UQ pjs set hahahaha

Ah weekend went by so quickly, spent time with da boo to catch up on shows on Netflix and he went back to camp just now. Gonna be so weird sleeping alone again tonight ☹️

Day 27

Sunday, 27 Jan 2019

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lemonsalt (avatar)

lemonsalt Skinfood is closing down ? 😱

1 month ago

nightskies (avatar)

nightskies Re application of toner, do you still use cotton pad and just tap? Or do you use clean hands?

1 month ago

Ultraviolencegirl99 (avatar)

Ultraviolencegirl99 I’m going to miss skinfood so much 😭

1 month ago

potatotato (avatar)

potatotato @hoppypoppyz 😘 I bought the saem concealer via q10 and the results 👍🏻👍🏻! Thks for sharing 💕

1 month ago

yaocly (avatar)

yaocly @hoppypoppyz how do u use cleansing water without cotton pads dragging your skin? I always rub w the pads hard when removing make up😭

1 month ago

consumerpey (avatar)

consumerpey the correct way to use toner is apply using cotton pads.

1 month ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @lemonsalt yeah! They are bankrupt! Apparently all their stores have closed in Korea ☹️

@nightskies I do both actually! If I want to clean my skin off any balance dust or to wipe off the acid product that I let sit on my skin for 10-15 mins (I sometimes apply it right after washing face), then I use cotton pad to swipe gently. I’ll use clean hands to pat on a couple layers of hydrating toner for hydration. Hope this helps!

@Ultraviolencegirl99 me too!!!

1 month ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @potatotato yay thanks great to hear!!! Very happy to know it works well for you 😍

@yaocly I’ll soak cotton pads with loads of cleaning water (like almost dripping) and put them on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin then let it sit for awhile before going in to wipe upwards hahaha if your makeup is hard to remove or the swiping motion is too abrasive for your skin, do try cleaning balm or oil!

@consumerpey hahaha it’s a more gentle way but not the only way, depending on type of toner, what you want to achieve and skin type 😊

1 month ago

yaocly (avatar)

yaocly @hoppypoppyz too much liquid then will keep dripping when u wipe off right? I sometimes use cleansing oil coz of the abrasiveness. Mayb will try your method.. thanks!

1 month ago

wforwander (avatar)

wforwander Hi Ven, can I check if you know SG carries the Klairs toner? Thanks!

1 month ago

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