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Some of my older friends are still not used to me with full blown makeup looks πŸ˜‚

And I chua tio when this woman told me she miss my face sia cause it’s so unlike her HAHAHA okay lah it does seem like I lead her to say that lolol I can be this shameless with good friends

Showed her how I look like this very minute and she embraces any of my ugliness hahahaha

Btw I’m trying the white LQ mask again cause I realized I have 2 unopened boxes of it, too lazy to sell and don’t wanna waste it so I’m giving it a go again. Used one piece awhile ago and I didn’t think it was fantastic, but I’ve been told must use at least 3 pieces to one box to really see the difference.

Some more of this week’s update!

Still having wee nam kee regularly cause it’s near my office and there’s also one at JP. I don’t really eat chicken rice else where already oops

Went for a clearing facial on one of the days and I’m so glad I managed to get the facial lady’s help to remove 2 pesky whitehead that I haven’t been able to remove. If I didn’t do that and try to continue to do it myself, it’ll end up with major scarring. I guess this is why I go for facial once every few months, just to get help with clearing pores of my acne-prone skin.

Update: I’ve been going to the Face Bistro at HV (near Nakhon) for my past few facials as I randomly found them through Vaniday. Usually I go for Clear Cleansing Facial which is a very basic one with cleansing, extraction and soothing mask. My skin is always smoother and cleaner after! No hardselling or package, a small simple place that’s good enough for me who goes once every 2-3 months or when my skin feels clogged.

This is how I’ll look like the night after a facial sesh - I use acne patches all over to stick onto areas that had extractions done so it can suck out any liquid or gunk that’s still coming out, like how an open wound on the skin will be like and extractions causes ‘wounds’ on the skin. The next day, most of the spots will be flat and there’s no need for a “skin will look worse before it gets better”’after facial situation

Saw this at Starbucks, how cute hor! Plus it’s loads bigger than the tumbler I have, so tempted to get it.

Nigel waited for me to be done with facial then we went to grab dinner at Pizza Express at HV

We initially just wanted to get 2 mains to share but the staff tempted us to get a starter too and no regrets! The dough balls with garlic butter dip was so good πŸ˜‹ the dip was so simple but very appetizing.

Our table is queue small so the waiter came out with this rack thing! Is it I suaku, first time I seeing this hahaha

For mains, we shared beef ragu penne (they ran out of handmade pasta)...

And pepperoni pizza!

I liked like pasta more than the pizza hahaha generous with the pulled beef and pasta was cooked aldente. The pizza was just ~normal~, shall try other variations next time.

No trip to HV is complete without grabbing my fave egg tarts and I added in a cup of hk milk tea as I wanted something sweet after the meal.

Big lashes are what I need everyday

Using new earphones courtesy of da boo

Been wanting AirPods or even a pair of wireless earphones as the iPhone earphones’ wires annoys me everyday PLUS I can’t charge my phone and listen to music at the same time. Yet I can’t bear to buy AirPods so Nigel said he will win a pair of me at his company’s Dnd hahahaha lo and behold, he really won something and it’s the Jabra ones that’s even pricier than AirPods hehe thanks boo πŸ’–

I’m waiting for Yoshi to be opened in Jp, in the meantime, I’ll continue to go to Bugis for it. Yassss to their grilled veg!

Lol our healthier eating plan is really not going well and we are not even 2 weeks into the new year. Topless 5 from Swensens killed us 😡 too much ice cream but quite worth it for 5 scoops.

Light makeup Friday! The Saem concealer + Cezanne powder = light base combo which I reach out for super often

We got a treat at Imperial Treasure, fave Peking duck 😍 it’s our team’s new year meal to start the year well!

I’m not one to go for after-work drinks but I wasn’t feeling the whole work thing (lol) on Friday so I joined the colleagues for drinks hahaha got a G&T and I think I may join them more often

Met Nigel after he is done with work, went to eat at Pappa Rich and I got a kopi-milo drink which is oddly addictive hahaha I didn’t take a photo of our food but it’s quite good. Pricier versions of our fave local food, got wokhei and big portions. I’ll go back again!

Nigel took a photo of our dinner so he sent me to post LOL the angle is always like that one πŸ˜‚ this is his style hahahaha which I don’t understand

We were shopping around at JE and of course had to pop into uniqlo! Saw these PJs set on promo (u.p. $39.90) and that finally have stocks for the print I want

I got 2 sets 😜 can’t wait to wear them!

Maybe I’ll even try to rock it as a going-out outfit πŸ˜‚

We tried this from 7-11 and it’s quite nice leh! Just that the portion is very small for the price lol but good as a craving fix if I want some spicy rice cakes

Ending my day now and I’ll continue to update tomorrow/next post so I don’t have turn back the clock. There’s more personal time over the weekend but I wanna spend it with Nigel and also to just nua, so I don’t update as much as here (like quantity of info in a post) I would like hahaha

Btw this is my current fave sheet mask! Just realized I’ve yet to talk about it, will be sure to share soon. It’s very nice leh 😭 but the price is definitely on the pricey side sobs

Also, sorry to those who are waiting for an email reply from me - I’ll reply asap! Getting to emails honestly feels like work sometimes hahaha so my personal accounts tend to be neglected (opps), please don’t think I’m ignoring you. Will get to it soon cause it’s stressing me out a little πŸ˜…

Day 13

Sunday, 13 Jan 2019

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shootingdarts (avatar)

shootingdarts Love that bold eye look! but your foundation does seem a tad too pale, maybe more bronzer might balance it out :)

1 month ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @shootingdarts aw thank you! The sun was in my face so it looks paler than it really is hahaha it actually looks more than irl πŸ™ˆ

1 month ago

helloowl (avatar)

helloowl Ooh if you don’t mind, do share your facial place / places for good facial treatments!

1 month ago

ehlisen (avatar)

ehlisen ^ yes please! And also if you could include the price range? 😊 would also like to ask how often do you usually schedule a facial? Thank you!

1 month ago

joceyow (avatar)

joceyow Carbonara pizza at pizza express is really great! You can consider trying that next time ☺️

1 month ago

heybeautifulsoul (avatar)

heybeautifulsoul hi! can I know where is this dinner place at hv? thanks! :)

1 month ago

Benela (avatar)

Benela How’s the Jabra earpods? I have been thinking about getting them for ages!

1 month ago

valeriekuek (avatar)

valeriekuek it's good that the Cezanne powder works for you cos it's too drying for me no matter how much serum or moisturiser I apply. oh and can u share your review on the latest La Roche Posay serum? thanks @hoppypoppyz

1 month ago

karennnttt (avatar)

karennnttt Yoshinoya (that’s Yoshi right? πŸ˜‚) Jem has!!

1 month ago

valeriekuek (avatar)

valeriekuek oooh wow please share about the mask and where to get it from :) @hoppypoppyz

1 month ago

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