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PWS ✔️ Videographer reco?

Can’t believe we managed to tick off two major things on our to-dos - We booked our PWS + AD photography package! This was totally unexpected as we thought we will not sign up for anything this soon, at least settle on venue first but erm good things happen when you least expect it right?

Sorry I won’t be sharing yet on who/which photography service I’ve signed up with as I’m not sure if it’s good yet hahaha so I’ll reserve my thoughts for now. Will definitely share when PWS is done!

Honestly, I’m not sure if I regret signing up so hastily as I’m usually someone who likes to compare and read more reviews before making a decision for big ticket items, especially when this concerns not just me alone. But Nigel felt that it’s a good deal and he is feeling good about so we just made the decision so quickly hahaha

Does any #dayrebrides have a videographer to recommend for AD? I have narrowed down to 2 more affordable ones that seems pretty good. We are not that willing to spend so much on videography as it’s more of an add-on for us to remember the day and capture some emotions in video instead of just in photos. Would love to know who you would recommend and your experience 😊

We have also finalized our guest list and now it’s around 150 pax if we are correct about those who can’t turn up. It’s not a huge number but it’s also not small for us as we are avoiding doing it in hotels. Most places we like only cater to 50-100pax 😔 but we did find some we like and I’m waiting to hear back from them via email! Fingers crossed one of them is available for the date we are looking at as it’s a super hot date omg

Btw are you ready for our wedding hashtag as I’m gonna start tagging my posts for wedding planning...



It’s #theadVENGELbegins 🥰😍💖

Credits to Jaslyn who came out with this when I was asking my friends for suggestions! I’m so bad at hashtags and nearly go with a boring one hahaha so glad I didn’t cause I really like this! Me and Nigel always call ourselves as Team Vengel so this is perfect hehe


Can you see what I stocked up on? Watsons acne patches still my top pick! Just rmb to use on skin without a layer of skincare on, I’ll usually go about with my skincare routine then use tissue to wipe off small areas/spots that I need to paste the patch. It adheres best directly on skin, especially on open pimples or spots with a head coming out. Really sucks out ALL THE gunk!

Went to Lash Up for lash lift + lash tint and it’s my 3rd time doing it, still loving it so so much 😍

With CNY approaching, do remember to make your beauty appointments earlier! I know some places are already fully booked for the weeks leading up to CNY. You wouldn’t wanna panic 2 weeks before when you can’t find a place to do your nails/lashes/hair etc hahaha oh yes, there’s usually surcharge too cause CNY so be sure to ask before you make an appointment.

I went out the next day without mascara on and the lash lift really did all the work for me for my eyes 👀

Wore the leopard earrings from Fine Array and once again, I really like how lightweight polyclay earrings are 👌🏻 I can see myself wearing this pair when I don’t want colourful earrings

Met Gigi for lunch at Paik’s Bibim and it’s so filling somehow

We did a little shopping, mainly for Gigi to get some CNY outfits

Look what I spotted at TEMT! Dior saddle bag look-alike 😂 not surpassingly though cause it’s like the It bag

Was waiting for her and I took this cause people must be thinking I shopped so much when it’s mostly hers 😂

To more shopping dates! Lol I’ll never get used to how Samsung phones’ camera filter is, really smooth out errrrthang

Came home to a little surprise from Nigel hahahaha he always see me walking by the shop and touching their plushies cause really mad smooth and soft!!! He said I seem to like it a lot but yet refuse to buy it so he got it for me 😂 yayyyy so nice to caress

So cute!

Got my nails done as I have something important soon, plus my nails are growing out too quickly and getting too long + some have lifted off. Can’t wait to go to Fiona’s to do my CNY nails in a couple weeks’ time hehe honestly she’s the best!

Spotted a bulk food store at JP and I didn’t know they have been there for 3 months already! They carry nuts, dried food, snacks and even pasta that you buy by weight. It’s packaged in paper bag and you go back home to put in airtight containers, reduce wasteful packaging and only buy what you need.

Didn’t intend to get anything but I spotted these soya crisps that I do LOVE! First had them when my company ordered box green and they had small packs of them. Super addictive and healthier than potato chips I hope..? Just had to buy them and I got Chili & Lime and Honey & Dijon Mustard flavours, both are yummy 😋

My family don’t do meals together so that kinda stuck with me even now that I’ve moved out, I still enjoy hiding in my room and have meals while catching up on shows. My room now only has 1 table so my vanity table is also my work space hahaha so I have my meals there too, sometimes. Just have to be careful to not splash any food on my products 😂

Went out yesterday and my eyes looked quite red, not sure why also, making me look like I just cried lol

Coming to you soon at Venitystore 😉

Went for our first wedding fair which is the one that everyone said is a must-go - BOWS!

It was interesting hahaha had to hold strong and not get ‘dragged’ to various booths that we were not keen in. Overall I think it’s worth going to BTBs, you can consider going for their next one. There’s booths for hotels, PG/VG, jewelry, gowns, restaurants/catering, live food stations, decoration etc.

They also have thousands of dollars for cash rebates and even though we didn’t win any, it’s a good bonus though hahaha

Went to Queensway after as the fiancé needs to alter his pants which is a wayyyy overdue errand, plus I watched a video talking about the 2 popular katong laksas (one is in Queensway) which made me wanna eat it hahahaha easily influenced! We were starving so I also got their chicken cutlet rice that came with chicken rice (yum) and their curry chicken which we also like. I’m drooling now hahahaha

While waiting for the alteration to be done and he got a chocolate sundae with Oreo crumbs added, why?! Hahahaha he was like “I can see you sharing this on Dayre, saying how Nigel is a fatty for ordering this” LOL 😆

Day 6

Sunday, 6 Jan 2019

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shermeenyxiee (avatar)

shermeenyxiee AdrianC.cinematography but that depends on your video priority. He has it from 6hrs, 8hrs and 10hrs. I choose the one that taken until solemnization bcos My priority is the vows.

1 month ago

plingpong (avatar)

plingpong Hi! Please share venues that you have looked out, I’m also looking to have a dinner of 150 thanks!!

1 month ago

u1121 (avatar)

u1121 Hi! I was also looking for venues that could accommodate 150pax for my wedding, and didn’t want hotels too. Gotta say it wasn’t that easy! I considered some restaurants like Aura, Monti, The white rabbit, Summerhouse... which serve western course. I eventually went with Empress@ACM since they served Chinese food and shld be better with the old folks. You can also consider Grand Shanghai, which was recommended to me by a wedding planner! :)

1 month ago

MamaGX (avatar)

MamaGX Check them out and request for Julian 👍🏼

1 month ago

turturann (avatar)

turturann I agree with @MamaGX Beyond Pictures!!! 😬

1 month ago

joycelynmusic (avatar)

joycelynmusic you can check out mindful production (Ashton) for video :)

1 month ago

junieho (avatar)

junieho Hello! Omg I understand how you feel! I also signed an overseas pws (with no intention to sign anything) at bows and idk if I’ll regret my choice as it is the first shop we went & my partner thought it was a good deal 😥

1 month ago

Jaslinql (avatar)

Jaslinql Hello! You may check out adrianc.cinematography on instagram! ◡̈

1 month ago

jessiesoon (avatar)

jessiesoon I love the soya crisps too! Used to always eat it when I was in NZ! I have nv seen it in KL...

1 month ago

thankgodforpink (avatar)

thankgodforpink hello! I used alanmitchii for my wedding back then and I had more than 5 friends using them as their vgs after they watched our video! :) I'll try to find the link for u!

1 month ago

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