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updated 1 month ago

Nearly lost my ring and...

Thought I lost my ring today and was this close to freaking out 😭

Took it out just before I got my nails done and after that, I was leaving Fiona’s place and started digging through my bag but I can’t find my ring?!?!?

In the moment of panic, I actually managed to text Nigel to tell him I think I lost the ring and was feeling so mad guilty, even thinking of how I’ll replace it. His first concern was actually about me and how worried I must be 😭 like he was thinking how to calm me down cause I confirm damn panicky. What did I do to deserve him... because that will definitely not be the first thing I think of if roles reversed.

This made me ashamed of myself as I know I don’t have the kind of patience that I expect from my other half. I’m quick to snap and I put blame on him for things I would expect him to easily forgive me for. He hardly blames me for stuff or makes me guilty on going back on things I suggested in the first place, always gentle with me (well, like 95% of the time?) and never calculative when it comes to anything I want. I wish I can say I’m the same.

In 2019, I really want to better myself and have a better gripe on my emotions. I have definitely gotten better in the past couple of years but it’s definitely still my biggest work-in-progress. Plus my emotions are written all over my face, no such a thing as poker face for this girl over here. I’ll start by being a better partner as he truly makes me want to be more like him.

Not saying he doesn’t have flaws, it’s just that we fit well together as partners and as a team, as he supplements what I lack and is also my biggest supporter in anything that I do. I want to be that for him too!

I thought he will only be out of camp tomorrow as he is on week 1 of his reservist but he is otw back home now!!!! Yayyyyy πŸ™ŒπŸ» I miss him so much! Even his parents also concerned for me, thinking if I’m lonely anot lol #stickygf upgrade to #stickyfiance liao! So nice to see him even for that extra couple of hours.

Oh yes ring update:
I must have dropped it when I was digging into my bag while walking out of Fiona’s place main door. Found it in between a pair of sneakers in the area right inside of her house door. Thank goodness!!! If not really go home and cry πŸ˜… so paiseh to make Fiona and her next client panic with me! I really need to be more careful next time.

Day 25

Friday, 25 Jan 2019

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ggdotgoh (avatar)

ggdotgoh @hoppypoppyz omg! I will panic also!! Thank God you found it!

1 month ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @ggdotgoh really thank God!!! Confirm cry if I lose it

1 month ago

dalki7 (avatar)

dalki7 relationship goals.. jia you

1 month ago

mishmashmich (avatar)

mishmashmich So glad the ring is safe!!!

1 month ago

justkeepswimming (avatar)

justkeepswimming So where was the ring :O

1 month ago

justkeepswimming (avatar)

justkeepswimming Glad all is well ❀️

1 month ago

Chocochippancakes (avatar)

Chocochippancakes So glad you managed to find your ring! Losing my engagement ring is one of my biggest fears πŸ˜…

1 month ago

naomianneliese (avatar)

naomianneliese Always loop my ring in my necklace when I remove it haha

1 month ago

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