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New year’s celebration with On & On

Had a great start end to the first day of my week, in an unusually good mood now hahaha definitely not how I usually feel after a Monday πŸ˜‚

Short throwback to 1st Jan, we woke up earlier (well earlier than usual on a PH) to make our way down to Punggol

I’m not a shorts person, my dress-down weekend clothes are usually comfy dresses but I bought a pair of uniqlo shorts end of last year and wore it for the first time on the 1st and damnnn I can’t stop wanting to wear it πŸ˜‚

We had catering to celebrate the first day of the year πŸŽ‡

First thing they saw was this and Nigel’s mum was like can keep the warmer bag?! Hahahaha really can leh! So we can decide when we want to display the dishes without it turning cold in the meantime. As the CNY menu is on the more ‘attas’ side so this is really an additional effort from the catering company to include, our food was still piping hot πŸ”₯


Oh yah! Haven’t tell you it’s from who hor!

@fionasoh was so nice to reach out on behalf of @onandondiners to let us try their CNY menu, I didn’t know what’s in the menu hahahaha let Fiona decide!

Back then their CNY menu wasn’t out yet so we really didn’t know what was expected, but Nigel and has family enjoyed the catering from the first time On & On sponsored us, plus another time for Nigel’s grandma’s birthday and my colleagues also liked when they ordered catering from them.

That being said, I know everyone has different expectations with regards to taste, variety and value for money when it comes to catering. Will keep it a 100 here and tell you that I’m a fan of their catering already, but the dishes has some hits or misses for me (and Nigel’s family).


Here’s Gigi being my model again hahahaha

Feast time 😍

We forgot they provide disposable plastic table cloth so we got one ourselves hahaha but it looks quite festive no?

They also provide very good quality disposable ladles, cutleries, plates and bowls. Not the cheapo flimsy kind that falls apart easily!

Btw I had to swat everyone away so that I can take pictures πŸ˜‚ they were quite impressed with the variety and quantity, also wanted to snap photos or start digging in already. Firmly told them to please hold off HAHAHA

We got the Mini Buffet that at $19.90/pax and there’s a total of 10 dishes including dessert

I know some people may not think that carbs are all that when it comes to catering food, but I personally can’t live without carbs and think that rice/noodles carries the rest of the dishes! Usually simple flavours are what the carbs need in a buffet line-up, but On & On always kills the carbs game!

This is the Braised Seafood White Beehoon and as you can see from the picture, they really ζ²‘ζœ‰ζ‰‹θ½― (very generous) with the ingredients 🀩

I was expecting this to taste like the famous white beehoon and it’s not! It’s more like a dry stir fried seafood beehoon and doesn’t have zhup, still very nice as a ‘base’ to carry all the liaos. Everyone really like it as it’s not oily, has loads of veg so it’s lighter than regular stir fried beehoon and went super well with the dishes or to be eaten alone. I ate SO much of this! This will also be great to go with Chinese curry. I’m slightly biased also cause this has loads of egg, yum 🀩

For the rice dish, it’s the Wok Fried Cai Poh Diced Chicken Fried Rice and before I ate it, I saw it on the menu that came with the catering and was like woahhhh caipor 😍 Nigel’s family all know I love caipor so they were like Ven is it they know you like caipor!

It definitely doesn’t look as exciting as the beehoon above but the wok hei was really there man! I’m not the only one who said it hahaha this really tasted like those zichar fried rice that have to use 倧火快炒 (huge flame to quick fry?) with a big wok hahahaha and really can taste the caipor also. I still like the beehoon abit more cause the fried rice is abit dry, but the flavours really so special. If you want something different, this is for you!

We know it’s auspicious to have abalone during CNY and they included this Australian Broccoli with Smoked Gui Fei Abalone in the vegetables dish options. This is a dish that can’t go wrong and broccoli is also more expensive dish so yay for them including it!

This is Yong Tau Foo in Laksa Gravy and the gravy is just like regular laksa broth. In fact Nigel even poured it over the beehoon and ate it like laksa πŸ˜‚ only thing was there’s cheese tofu inside and we found it to be too salty, it’ll be good if it’s all regular tofu so that it doesn’t feel too heavy.

Okay here comes my fave dish! Malaysian Style Creamy Butter Chicken 😍 so good!

Initially I thought it’s topped with ginger floss and I died a little πŸ˜‚ but it turned out to be chicken floss (I think) and the chicken pieces were well cooked, still crispy even though it coated with the creamy butter sauce. It’s abit on the sweet side and it was the crowd-pleaser dish! I was very full but I kept going back for more pieces of this. This is my must-order for sure, kids and adults will all like it.

I was shocked by how BIG the chicken chunks are for the Wok Fried Gong Bao Chicken with Cashew 😱 the gong bao chicken I’ve had are usually small pieces of chicken with loads do dried chili, this one is not spicy and more 香. Portion is so big we could barely get through half of it, it’s nuts! Super wuhua I swear

Ginger Scallion Fish also has really really big chunks of fish and even though I usually don’t take anything with ginger, this dish didn’t have the overpowering ginger flavour so I got to enjoy it too. The fish pieces were not over-cooked or tasted dry.

Was surprised to see a prawn dish and the fam were like “wah it’s peeled already!” This is the Cantonese Typhoon Shelter Prawns, we joked about why that’s the name of the dish, is it the prawns had to hide cause of typhoons 🀣 so lame right I know!

I initially thought this is cereal but it isn’t, the dry seasoning is savory and slightly crunchy bits that’s too dry and salty for us. It was better when you eat it with the rice and other dishes, but quite salty if eaten alone.

There’s also a dim sum/light bite dish! This is the Homemade Crystal Dumpling and it took us by surprise by how good it was 🀀 the skin for this is not too thick, just enough to hold all the goodness inside. There liao inside really gao gao, super solid and fresh. Big chunks of meat and prawns, I was quite full when I picked one up to try and gobbled it down. Normally I don’t like this kind of dim sum (yes I’m a picky eater hahaha) but this one highly approve!

But erm I just looked at their CNY mini buffet offering and this is not part of it, it cause I had the catering before their CNY menu is finalized. Thought of still sharing it cause if you get a chance to order this dish, you definitely should!

I forgot to take a picture of the Chilled Cheng Teng so here’s on that zoomed in from one of the table shots hahahaha

Anw this was a great sweet treat after meal as it’s light and refreshing, not too sweet and has just the right amount of ingredients vs dessert soup. I did feedback that the ginkgo nut was on the bitter side as that’s what the fam said but I personally thought it was alright hahaha

I still gave my feedback for things they they can improve which I hope helps them!

On & On has pretty big portions already, there’s enough leftovers for the inner family to have dinner that day. Just don’t go order 15pax worth for 20pax or something lah hahaha that one of course won’t be as enough.

They have also introduced add-ons you can order if you just have slightly more pax who may or may not eat everything.

I had this on the Sunday that just passed and it’s because they didn’t have it ready yet on 1st Jan but Fiona was so sweet to wanna let me try as well, so this was our lunch on Sunday!

Left: Mala Xiang Guo
Right: Dimsum Set

Both are limited edition for this season and are $20 each!

The mala had a good mix of broccoli, chicken, hot dog, crabstick, cheese tofu, potato slices, noodles and generous amount of peanuts (my fave). I would say the spice level is between a medium to high spice for me, I found it to be quite spicy as I’m not thatttt good with and Nigel enjoyed the kick. This feels like something that your family, friends or colleagues can share as a side for sure!

The dim sum was very enjoyable as the amount of meat inside was not stingy and even though the dumplings had slightly thick skin, it’s still very worth it for the ingredients inside. Even the red bean dumplings were great! I think I ate 3 and Nigel ate 1 only LOL

If asked me which of the 2 add-ons I’ll choose, definitely this one as those who can’t take spice or are kids can have it!

I personally do feel that the price that On & On is charging is very very reasonable for what they are offering. Even my brother who had pricier catering was impressed by the food selection! He got to eat it too as he came over to celebrate with us and said it’s really like good zichar standard.

Also, if you don’t wanna deal with cooking/washing so much stuff for CNY gatherings or having same old steamboat, it’s a good alternative to order from them to have a less tiring CNY πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Even though this is the 2nd time On & On has sponsored catering for me, I’ve personally always shared about them to friends/family/colleagues who are looking for good catering option. It’s a catering company that had a good balance between pricing (if y’all are like me who likes good deals) and quality/quantity. This may not be for everyone but I can touch my heart and say that I sincerely feel is very very good πŸ’–

They also have regular catering setup if you want to look for somewhere to order for bigger events like birthday parties, company celebrations and weddings!

Be sure to check them out on their IG @/onandondiners and their website for more details of their CNY offerings ✨✨✨ oh yes, do note that they are closed for day 1 and day 2 of CNY!

Hope you have a good gathering/celebration if you order from them! Do share on Dayre if you do and tag @onandondiners if you have any compliments or feedback, they are always looking to improve themselves which is something I appreciate too.

We also celebrated Gigi’s birthday early on that day and we didn’t have candles so Nigel held up the fire starter thing πŸ˜‚

Also, he bought my fave cake from Cedele instead of asking what Gigi likes hahahahaha ζžœη„Άζ˜―ζˆ‘ηš„boo! Never pick wrong guy to wanna marry hehe

Hahahaha Luke also wanna have a ‘cap’ on like his uncle Nigel

So cute hahaha

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weiyee93 The floss on top of the butter chicken is actually egg floss 😊😊

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