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Innisfree My To Go Cushion | Hera Black Cushion | Irén Customised Serums

Dreaming about heading to New York one day! And LA 😍 oh wells, a girl can dream right? It’s probably not that soon that I’ll head to the USA unless for work

Back with 2 cushion reviews, both are a full day wear test of sorts

Innisfree My To Go Cushion

On Monday, I used the Innisfree My To Go Cushion for the first time. The cushion is not like most cushions where it’s a product-soaked sponge, it’s in fact a dispenser where you press on the ‘button’ as where my thumb is and it dispenses the foundation each time. It’s quite liquid and the embossed blending plate is for you to evenly press in the foundation on the bb puff before applying on your skin. You can easily wipe off any balance foundation off the blending plate too.

This is more hygienic as the foundation is not exposed and I’ve always not love-love cushion foundations as I feel it’s really not that best in terms of hygiene πŸ˜‚ so this makes me feel less anxious about germs hahahaha also, I personally feel bringing out your cushion to touch up is 😱 cause imagine you’re out the whole day, dust and dirt already on your face then you take your cushion puff to touch up your base then you pressed in the sponge for more product then back on your face again...

That’s that germs alert! Warning alarm 🚨 starts going off in my mind when I think of that hahaha it’s the closet cleanliness freak in me talking

Okay back to the review

Here’s after patting on the My To Go Cushion and I’m using the shade N22 which is same as the My Foundation from Innisfree too. It looks too light for me as compared to my neck but I do enjoy a lighter base as it’ll look very okay after I add on the rest of my makeup products. My skin looks bright and I’m surprised the finish is more on the matte side.

Pls ignore my slight swollen lip, I have another lip pimple bit on the other side of the lower lip now fml

The coverage is medium to full, but because I have a small breakout issue now and my undereyes really need more coverage, I used Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in shade 01 and it layered in perfectly. Really getting back into this concealer, sooo mad affordable and so good!

Here’s after powder and concealer on chin, undereyes and spots.

Some other products I’ve used

It’s strange that the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter is now kinda dark on my skin especially on my nose bridge and nose tip. Maybe I’m getting fairer?

Finished look! Used the Laneige Stained Glasstick in No.5 Mandarin Garnet and because of how dark my natural lip colour is, the orange of the lippie is not as obvious on me. I like how it melts into the lips and especially the fine lines, so my lips look smoother and feels moisturized


No primer and no setting spray, I did set with Innisfree No-Sebum Moisture Powder, focusing on the nose and where concealer was on. My skin looks a tad dry because the base already had a relatively matte finish, but I do prefer it this way as I know it’ll look better when my natural oils come through

Went to work and for lunch, I didn’t eat anything too crazy, had otah toast set at this nice coffee place called Oliver’s at Milennia walk. The otah toast was so good, you can see chunks of fish meat and the spicy level is just nice for otah. I like their gula melaka drinks there, usually I get their coffee but that day I got their teh o peng with gula melaka and it’s was fab πŸ’―

First check-in at the 6 hours mark, usually this is when the first sign of base makeup breaking apart starts to appear but nope, still looking fresh πŸ‘ŒπŸ»upper lip and chin still okay, barely any shine on the skin too which I appreciate

Next check-in at 8 hours mark under a different lighting, base still looks great! All the shine on my face is from my popping highlight ✨

Last check-in at the 11 hours mark at home, still looks fresh right?! I’m quite impressed by the cushion really. Upper lip has looks like it’s breaking apart slightly but nothing that’s surprising as I have sweaty upper lip area πŸ˜‚ chin still looks okay, rest of the face looks as freshly applied as in the morning. This cushion will be great for those with combination to oily skin. Dry skin can rock this too, with a good hydrating moisturizer or primer below.

The coverage is not full coverage so it doesn’t look like it’s mad heavy on the skin, it doesn’t feel heavy too. You can layer more layers to build up the pigment, it won’t cake up or look blotchy. Concealer sits well on top too! Right now I like this more than the foundation that I’ve reviewed in a couple of posts ago. Highly recommend someone who is looking for a good cushion that comes in 10 shades and it’s not that pricey too. Plus the packaging is quite sleek!

#venxinnisfree #dayrebeauty

Finally ate spicy nuggets that night!!! Seen it all over ig since it came back and idk why it took me till now to have it. I love it leh omg especially with mayo~ so sinful but soooo good

Hera Black Cushion

Bought this in Korea last year and it took me this long to finally open it up to try hahaha I think it’s cause I’m a trying-new-products roll lately so might as well. Used this yesterday!

The packaging does look and feel pretty luxurious, mostly black with some gold details.

Actually I didn’t intend to review it so only snapped a selfie after I was done with my whole makeup routine. Sorry I look kinda red here, the natural lighting’s fault πŸ˜‚

Here’s everything I’ve used! No concealer as the black cushion has superb coverage omg.

Also broke out a couple of new stuff use which included Morphe High Impact Highlighter in Spark (most right product) which is so blinding I LOVE IT and also the Faceshop Blush Pop in 05 Coral Pop which is a really pretty shade and it’s quite pigmented so have to use a light hand.

The one beside the Morphe highlighter is Kylie Kylighter in Cotton Candy Cream which is really not bad, it’s for those who likes non-glittery highlight. I’m trying to dig out my well-loved products that I’ve forgotten, came across so many old loves while trying to clear out items I don’t use anymore or don’t like.

Close up of skin

This cushion is even more matte than the Innisfree one mentioned above so I only set more on areas where it’s oilier or tend to crease. No concealer used but the inner corners of my undereyes can prolly use abit of concealer, simply cause my dark eye circles are too bad. Other than that, my acne marks and even blemishes and pimples on my face are totally covered up. The coverage is awesome!!!!

Was a rainy day and it was freezing at work!

Went out for nice lunch with the colleagues, attas hokkien meal πŸ˜‹

Here’s after 10 hours of wear of the Hera Black Cushion...

Real close-up to show you the real deal, I’m so pleased with the cushion! I can see why this is good for oily skin and in our humid climate. Barely any creasing, didn’t settle into smile lines or break apart at my usual problem areas. I’ll need to test wear it on a super warm day just to see if it’ll melt off but I have a feeling it’ll be okay as long as there’s setting powder.

Also, I was sneezing and tearing the whole day but my makeup looks pretty much untouched! Now I can totally see why this is highly raved about πŸ’―

Oh oh! Forgot to mention, I’m using shade 23 which feels like a usual side 21/22 for other brands me think, so best to try out the shade irl to see if it matches you well okie. It’s okay to have a lighter base on the face but not to the point that your head is floating hahahaha

After so many photos of me with makeup on, this is the actual monstrosity that at my bottom lip. It’s as real as it gets already πŸ˜… Previously was the other side which has finally healed after coming back for 2 times and now this... I highly suspect it’s cause by this particular lip balm I use and I’ve since ditched it. Now this pimple hurts so so bad and it’s been around for about a week now, finally ripe and I’ve been using acne patches to suck out the gunk.

I’ve been loyal to the Watsons acne patches but I got these from Shopee as there was some sale on them recently. I remember using these Cosrx patches once before awhile ago and not sure why I didn’t like them as much, but now that I’ve used it for the past couple of days, they are not bad!

Irén sent over 3 of their customized serums, where you can mix and match based on your skin concerns/needs. There’s 8 different types and based on a survey they got me to fill up, they sent over Hydrating, Anti-acne and Anti-aging for me to try.

There’s super fruits in each serum and they are formulated to be suitable to mix together without comprising any one of it. Super handy and very good to layer before any other skincare products you use already, just pick the serum that you wanna use to boost a certain function.

Tonight I’m using the Hydrating one and Anti-acne one, I’m gonna mix a pump of each together then patting it on my skin. The serums are not heavy on the skin so don’t worry it’ll feel like too much when you mix a couple of it to apply.

The pump mechanism is good! It auto-loads so you won’t end up pumping air into the bottle, keeping it fresh longer!

Day 262

Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018

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elyonrahn (avatar)

elyonrahn Hi! Can I ask which mascara you would recommend more, the lash paradise or the total temptation? Especially to avoid clumping!! Thanks so much :)

11 months ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @elyonrahn hi! Lash paradise doesn’t clump for the first few weeks when you use it but when it gets drier, it does clump up abit as it gives loads of volume. For total temptation, so far so good and it doesn’t really clump up, but it also doesn’t give as much volume as lash paradise. So it really depends what kind of look you are looking for and a spoolie can comb out your lashes easily to separate lashes more if you are worried about clumps. I use both as I don’t mind the slightly clumpy look if it gives me tons of volumes. Hope this helps πŸ€—

11 months ago

conefrites (avatar)

conefrites @hoppypoppyz If im looking for higher coverage, will the foundation work better? :) i asked the counter staff and they said to choose foundation, but i find that cushion is more fuss free haha

11 months ago

Lotsolub (avatar)

Lotsolub Hi can I know what brush are you using for your blush? 😊

11 months ago

geeitsangela (avatar)

geeitsangela Man I wanna try those Watson acne patches! I bought these mia care acne patches at Watson’s in China, but I get an allergic reaction when using them 😭

11 months ago

caitlyn (avatar)

caitlyn I have the pimple on the same spot too! it hurts so much πŸ˜”

11 months ago

elyonrahn (avatar)

elyonrahn Thanks!!! 😊

11 months ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @conefrites depending on how you apply your foundation! I used a damp sponge and it has lesser coverage than the cushion. If you use a brush, it’s likely to have slightly more coverage than cushion but overall I feel that the cushion has really good coverage already. If you don’t have crazy spots, the cushion will be good enough πŸ€—

11 months ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @lotsolove hi! I’m usually the Real Techniques Blush Brush, it’s really nice to pat blush on πŸ’–

11 months ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz @geeitsangela do you want me to send some over to you? I always have tons on hand HAHAHA let me dm you!

11 months ago

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