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September 2018

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Woohoo... on spin pole today

April 2018

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Yeah... very happy with my #jadespilt progress. Been a month since I learn this trick again. It wad 3 yrs ago when I first learn this but that time I couldn't do at all. Honestly speaking, I did not try hard enough in the past. Its actually very doable.

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Hmm... so Dayre is still alive. Shall continue to document my pole journey here. Hope it stays alive Dayre..

March 2018

Thoughts for the day. Saw on Instagram that some kids around pisais' age were eating fastfood like fried, nuggets etc and drinking sweetened drinks.These are the food I tried to not let them eat. They did have fries and nuggets before but its just a few mouthful and not a whole meal. The girls are still eating their boring porridge everyday.Part of me want to expose them to be more adventurous in food but other part wants to make sure they eat nutritious food.

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