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March 2019

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Just finish reading this short series on manga Rock and thot it was a really good story.At a class reunion, 6 ex-classmates got transported to a summer 10 years ago, where an incident changed their lifes. They are given the choice to decide if they will let events run as it was, or attempt to change the future.It made me think.. If I could go back to secondary school day, what will I change?I think there were 2 major decision done then which affected me forever, will I let history repeat?

February 2019

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Of all my idols, the one group I thought I won't have the chance to see live is 5566.Therefore, can you imagine my tears and ugly crying face the moment 小巨蛋 light dimmed and the opening started playing.The first time I heard them say 大家好 我們是5566. Cried.When Renfu shaked my hand, I had to crawl back into my seat for a moment to calm down.My first 男神 in front of me, being able to see him so close up. Omg.Happy fangirl, so worth the trip! #5566

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New year card get!So... Like everyone is a dayre+ member now. I.. Dun see the appeal?Like, I don't use dayre stickers cos I post my own images here.I dun think I need to private my posts cos we'll, I'm sharing my stuff here, if I'm gonna be picky about who reads it, I won't post it.If dayre gives me more filters for photo or have better photo editing tools, then that will be a big plus.Especially if they remove square crop!!!

January 2019

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Now for the non mayday updates haha.My life have pretty much been work, 恋与, ikesen, and my nendoroid doll since haha

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人生無限公司台中-Day 5,6,7,8 9 10

I'm. Back.. Officially one month since I left for my trip, and still haven't finish lolol.Day 2 of 2019 is about overcoming fears. I decided to go face strawberry.I have this phobia of them and avoid it, like dun even look at it. From this picking experience I learnt I'm ok in small amt.. But not a whole mountain of them together#dayretravel #hiyugoestotaichungbaseballstadium #taichung #taiwan

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