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August 2019

spend a day and work hard for a day, no difference can be seen. nothing changed in 3 days, 7 days without seeing any distance, but one month later you will see a different topic.3 months later you’ll see that the air fields are different.6 months later, you’ll see the distance is different. a year later, you’ll see different paths in life.so please don’t choose comfort in this age of hardship.

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so yummyyyyyyy we had BITP every week back in May until July and we had to put a stop to it bcos it’s drying our wallets and we had to stop living the luxurious life LOL. we rly spend alot on food and nothing else. 🀣last night we met up with Cheryl and Jay and we had BITP yay we’ve been craving it for soooo long. πŸ˜‹ i called in to make a booking the night before and planned to surprise Jay for no reason hahaha his bday is in November.

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sobs the only public run which he took part in and i wasn’t there to support. i feel so sad!!!! 😭 but we had an event to run later in the day so he asked me to sleep in which i srsly did bcos i was so drained out. he came back telling me he had a few stopovers and all pft which probably wouldn’t have been the case if i was at the finish line. but its ok, i promised to be there for his next run. and i rly love doing this.

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my biggest achievement thus far!!!never ever thought i’ll be top 10 in SINGAPORE with a passing rate of 30+%. 😭😭😭i thought being top in sch and getting scholarship for 5 continuous years was a big thing aldy.this came as a rly huge surprise!!! i just wanted to pass, didn’t even aim for merit or distinction ok. who knew i’d ever be top 10 in my own country?! πŸ€ͺ

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friends like this means so much to me.the past 2 days were EXTREMELY draining, we stood for hours and had to deal with some nasty people. it’s the weekend, we’re supposed to rest but because of the commitment we have, we had to pull ourselves away from the attachment to bed LOL. tiring but fulfilling. we had sooooo much fun at the event.

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so tireddddddd and overwhelmed...but i’m so thankful for friends who drop by to show physical support. it rly means so much to me. they don’t even have to buy anything from my shop or even buy me food or whatever. i just get to see their faces, have a small chat with them, just appear empty handed and walk away empty handed, i’m truly happy.

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