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Kinki / Tory Burch Minnie Flats

Continuing from two weeks back


Finally tried Kinki but the bad thing about this place is that there’s two seatings timing and we had to leave the restaurant at 8+ for the second seating. (We wanted to chill longer)

Featuring the most expensive main course- the beef!! I ordered medium but the beef came almost raw?? And it was cold?? πŸ€”

Garlic rice

Cod fish I think

Mentaiko prawn

Whiskey siao but this whiskey not nice one.

Adjourned to the rooftop bar (with our whiskey) cos we had to make way for the second seating (but the restaurant wasn’t full though) and it felt like a club lolol the demographic is mostly Caucasians.

We used #entertainer and only the items under “main course” is entitled to 1 for 1. So sad previously I read can use the #entertainerapp for the Dons (foie gras don!!) but now cannot sobs.

The food is quite okay but the ambience makes up for it! Quite a nice view but sadly we weren’t seated beside the window.

Lunch the next day!!! My most favorite ever prawn noodles!!! Most favorite is an understatement.


Gifted Xenia this Gudetama toy and look at this!! 😍πŸ₯° Can imagine her saying Wooowwww!!

Went to Nic and Ame house for mahjong and dinz and drinks and I just want to say BABY CAIUS HAS MY HEART 😍πŸ₯°

“What is this hooman doing!?!?”


Also I want to announce that

I have officially carried a baby for the first time in my life

Because babies are so fragile!! I don’t know how to handle them?? But bobian the rest were playing mahjong, Ame was cooking, ken was taking a break from carrying Caius and left with ONLY ME available.

At first I only sat him on my lap and the sofa. And held his hands to help him “stand”. But this baby so FOMO and kpo!! He cannot be seated he wanted to be carried and kaypo around 😍

And that is the story of how I carried a baby for the first time.

And I had muscle ache the next day LOL weak arms


With edamame, chicken, pork, beef, wobbly eggs, mushroom and leek!!

(Spot the Commune dining table)


Plating skills -10
Food was +1000 though

Can’t wait



Can’t reiterate how much I love it when surveys are about something I am interested in.

The other day I did a survey for Macdonalds!! That was fun.

Captioned “Awkward...” on Sophie Turner’s IG


Last Week

JY introduced me to this pork don place at raffles place. $10 for a bowl of yummy pork don?? And free plain water?? Worth it. I like how the sauces are placed on the table and you can add them into your rice however you fancy.

Dabaoed this from Freshe and it was.. unique but not filling hahah.

SOMEBODY GAVE MY SISTER FLOWERS and she gave it to me cos she didn’t want it. Okay I need to chill cos I don’t know what the context behind the flowers. Could it a non romantic gift. πŸ€”

πŸ“Sungei Road Trishaw laksa

Met germ for lunch at Hong Lim and tried this! As compared to the original one:
- $5 VS $3
- A lot more ingredients (there’s chicken, fish cake, prawns and egg) quite worth it hor
- Eaten with chopsticks instead of spoon
- More coconut taste I feel

Not bad! Quite value for money I feel.

The store at Hong Lim even sells mee siam etc.

#dayrefoodies #dayrefatties

πŸ“Granny Pancakes

Isit mee jiang kueh or mee chiam kueh?? I always say MCK actually.

Bought this from Hong Lim too and I REGRET not buying more T.T

My last MCK was from Jollibean and it sucks leh. It’s so dense and sticky and wrapped in cling wrap. This MCK is so much better and $1 only!!

Need. To. Buy. The pink and grey spatulas 😍

Craved for RRH and actually dabaoed it home LOL ordered 倧辣 and towards the end JY raised the white flag *weak

Brought this baby home 😍😍

Almost bought this flats previously but with the tanned logo instead on Shopbop during their sale recently but I contemplated for too long and my size was sold out T.T Imagine how delighted I was when I saw @yating selling the CLASSIC flats in MY SIZE!!! It’s a sign right??? The universe is telling me to get it!! Contacted her and got it the next day fast and furious hehe thank you @yating it fits me well too!!

And that’s the story of how I got my first Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats in groan sand ✨ At a discounted price somemore!


Mee Soto at the shop beside Saizeriya at Chinatown Point. Not too bad.

πŸ“Quan kai Kway Chup

Introduced by JY mainly for the fried intestine. Also was on Food King recently! Can’t remember how many stars they gave.

(And yes we 2 person eat 3 kway cos we #carbsmonster)

Our total bill for 2 person was $30??? And the fried intestine alone was $12.
Not sure if worth it πŸ€” It’s a decent Kway Chup and quite herbally in a good way. And there’s duck too.

Ok la the fried intestine is not bad. But $12 for this? πŸ€”

Mental note to bring JY to try my fav Kway chup at Srg Garden because that’s much nicer 🀣

(More important) Things to look see:
- Fridge
- Washing machine front load
- Hob hood oven
- TV
- Aircon

What else??

πŸ“Pizza Hut

Today’s dinner! Curry pizza and curry zazzle CURRY OVERKILL no la actually still okay. Bill came up to $20.80 cos there’s a $3.80 pizza promo. Score!

Not sure why they have so many promotion recently. Few weeks back they just had the 1 for 1 mains promo.

Day 99

Tuesday, 9 Apr 2019

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