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updated 3 months ago

Watching GoT on (Taobao) HBO NOW






Successfully avoided spoilers all day by avoiding FB.

Went into IG and saw this guy igstory himself watching the live stream at 9am!!! Cursed at my phone and avoided IG too.




HOME but need to shower and have dinner before I can watch 😩

And there’s currently a queue to shower 😵

Cannot remember what website I used to stream for the past few seasons and
didn’t manage to find a free streaming site that is HD and has eng subtitles even after scouring the WWW and FENDING off all the annoying pop up ads hence I...

Decided to SLURGE on HBONOW

I mean after all it’s the last season!!! Waited almost two years for this!!

And by splurge.. I mean buying the subscription from #taobao LOL

Yes splurging *girl rain money meme is me

$10.12 for 3 months compared to USD15/month

Worth it!!

But also because I already pay for VPN otherwise this wouldn’t work. VPN rocks.


Dis JY watching #GOT using MY HBONOW and MY vpn subscription.

While I’m still waiting to shower 😤


$2 dinner dabaoed by my father from the cheap and good caifan place. Chicken wing, veg and potato for only $2! 😱

From this place!

Ooo can change fonts too just like Netflix!



Day 105

Monday, 15 Apr 2019

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sushiwatti (avatar)

sushiwatti Hello~ which vpn do you use? I've been looking around and got so confused with all the diff providers!

2 months ago

sushiwatti (avatar)

sushiwatti Thanks for your sharing! 😘

2 months ago

herowena (avatar)

herowena @sushiwatti Hello! I use ExpressVPN! Not cheap though if I rmb correctly it’s usd70++ for a year (I’ve been using it for almost a year) but worth it cos I used it quite often, it’s stable, can use on 4 devices at once and it has not failed me so far! 😊

2 months ago

sushiwatti (avatar)

sushiwatti @herowena thanks for the recommendation! Haha worth it to pay for the quality. And thanks for sharing your personal experience with it!

2 months ago

herowena (avatar)

herowena @sushiwatti Welcome!! I love reading on your house updates! Esp your smart home update cos I’m also thinking about how I venture into that! Keep updating! 😇

2 months ago

tfortheodora (avatar)

tfortheodora I thought the HBO Now’s resolution for GOT not so nice (not sharp enough :() So end up my bf subscribed to HBO Go 😂

2 months ago

herowena (avatar)

herowena @tfortheodora I watch on my MacBook so I can’t watch too good quality resolution anyway 🤣 Also cos I thought I need to have HBO cable subscription then can have HBO GO? Actually idk what’s the difference between GO and NOW eh. 🤔

2 months ago

tfortheodora (avatar)

tfortheodora I think he subscribed via Amazon Prime or something. And I’m not sure what’s the difference too, haha! Oh well. Can watch can already!

2 months ago

herowena (avatar)

herowena @tfortheodora Oooo I see! Ya can watch can already 🤣 Unless if I’m watching on a huge tv then the resolution matters I guess!

2 months ago

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