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More food & furnitures

Last week’s food and stuff


Second time here and I still have the exact same sentiments about the food, it’s decent~ Won’t really crave for it unless I’m craving hotdog bun. I got the mushroom cheese pork hotdog and garlic fries.

While Rach got the Soyo Japanese. She didn’t really like her chili fries though cos it was so soggy.

Our meal came up to around $20 for both set meals with #burpplebeyond. Not too bad! Realized it’s not on entertainer anymore though.

#dayrefoodies #dayrefatties

$1 umisushi but not much variety.

Tried the laksa curry puff which taste almost the same as the normal one but less spicy and less flavorful? 🤔 But it’s not not nice la, still okay~

Pork basil rice cos my colleague and I were craving for rice and we purps came here cos the portion at this Thai shop at Clifford Centre is MASSIVE.

And we both finished it 🤣 #carbsmonster


Okay this looks quite cute. Even the name is so cute CACTUS BUNNIES


Shoefie with duckie socks that can’t be seen in this picture.

Last week I was CRAVING for truffle fries and decided on PS Cafe. Our virgin PS Cafe 🤣 #mountaintortoise

Luckily we ordered half portion of fries??

Roasted chicken which was okay.

Prawn spicy aglio olio which JY said not spicy enough and he can cook even better than this woOoOoOw so competitive

And also had sparking water which cost $7 hahah

While walking to Suntec from One Fullerton we chanced upon THE PRESIDENT okay bad picture but she’s somewhere in the photo hahah cheap thrill

Accidentally walked past Jenjudan. Cannot don’t try right? Got the signature Earl Grey Latte. Not bad not bad I like it. Pearl is good too, chewy~

Went to Cow Play Cow Moo to kill time while waiting for our movie to start and OMG this place is a freaking Narnia?? It’s big until cannot even see where the end is and it’s so crowded!! Didn’t expect that at all but then I also realized they don’t really have typical arcade games but mostly different variants of jackpot to win tickets in exchange for prizes. And this is one of the prizes!! So cute I think this is the best prize leh #ownselfproclaim

Also went to Caesarstone while killing time and look at this marble looking table!

Apparently that is White Attica. Left the shop with samples so interesting. They have big and small samples but the big one is damn heavy.

Watched Pet Sematary which is LUCKILY not too scary. Heng ah. Who am I?? Why am I watching two horror/thriller movies consecutively??

But ANW before watching I was like??? Pet Sematary?? Simi sai is sematary?? Isit the ghost are pets? But okay after hearing that it’s adapted from a Stephen King I’m like okay should be good la. And apparently this is the second movie adaption of the novel.

Okay la the movie is not too bad. More of a sad movie than a horror movie 😭


$10 for chicken/ fish + soup. Worth it man.

Virgin R&B but I chose the wrong drink (the one with cream brûlée and brown sugar boba) cos this was too sweet for me!

Went #TTR to try the new dress! Bought black in the end.

Shunbian tried some other dresses.

Tempted to get this dress in all colors 🤣


More furniture shopping

Went IKEA too look see. Considering this for the study room.

On the kitchen backsplash.

Something like dis.

Ofc cannot leave without the hotdog!!

And the curry puff

Went to the building opposite IKEA which houses lots of furniture shops! Accidental find cos my main purpose was to visit Cellini.

📍Star Living

Sofa ticks of everything except that it’s too hard and it has legs.

Decent table.

Oooo it’s almost the same as the one in Commune!


I like the reindeer

Is this a bulldog

Alpaca is cuuuttteeeeeee

Panda is cute toooo

Rabbit is cute toooo but furry texture is a no I guess.

GIRAFFE is cute toooo

Star Living is way better than I had expected??



THEY ARE ON #TAOBAO TOO. Although I’m not surprised actually. And it seems to be around half the price! Cos the different animals at Star Living are priced differently.

Fav is the Triceratops.

JY likes the bull.

Def gonna buy one of them for the house!!

Yes just ONE. *self restrain


Came here with high hopes cos my colleague recommended this place saying that it’s modern and nice! And that there’s a home package of around $3k for sofa bed and dining table.

Okay la the stuff here are okay just that we are damn picky about our future sofa 🤣 For eg this sofa here is okay but abit too hard.


And this sofa is good except that it’s too small and no L shape. 😕

📍V Furniture

Anyhowly walked into another furniture shop and was too paiseh to take photos of the sofa cos they wrote no photography lolol but anw the gist of this place’s sofa is that you can customize anything you want!

Quite like this dining table but the color is too light and table too small. Chair is not bad too.

Like this too! But color too dark (lol if only can combine the color with the other table) and can be slightly bigger. I like the chairs though! Decided on one side bench and one side this kind of chair that has cushion on it cos the plastic chairs with wooden legs reminds me of.. office pantry lolol.

Plastic chairs with wooden legs photo for reference 🤣

JY made me choose between us jogging (cos his ippt coming) or him cooking pasta for us. Obviously I chose the pasta??? Don’t even need to think. Not even a tough choice!!


Lunch at Crystal Jade! Didn’t know they have lunch set menu. $14++ for mains and dim sum. Not bad.

Need to pen this down!!

JY and I are betting on the NBA playoffs winner and

I bet on Warriors
If I win he cannot buy drink for a week
(A week is damn lenient ok)

He bet on Bucks
If he wins I cannot buy anything (clothings, shoes, accessories etc) for a month.


The bet IS ON.

JY told his colleagues about Cactus Bunnies and one of them bought it!! Cute right??


And then we also went to buy it too LOL sold on the cuteness.

Got Cactus Cutie!!! Was aiming for Dreamer or Ninja Star Isit must buy again 🤣

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Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019

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