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Furniture Shopping


Today’s schedule
- 10am meeting with ID #3
- Window shop for furnitures with JY’s fam cos his parents also need to get furniture cos they are moving into their new condo.
- 4.30pm second meeting with ID #2
- Grandfather birthday party

Joke of the day:
I AM THE BIGGEST MUDDLEHEAD I actually gave ID #3 MY OWN ADDRESS instead of JY address (which is also my resale flat address) LOOOOLLL. She texted me “I’m here le” “Isit your mum” proceed by my mother calling me *slit wrist liao la (no la)

BUTTT luckily JY live extremely near me so she reached here within a few minutes. No biggie *shrugs shoulder coolly


Furniture (window) shopping time!

(More important) Furnitures we need to buy
- Sofa
- Tv console
- Coffee table
- Dining table and chairs/ bench
- Bar chairs for the island
- Bedside drawers
- Bed
- Lightings for the island and dining table

Theme of the living and dining area:
Light Grey

1st stop @ Iconic Haus but err it was closed.

Comfort Design


This is not too bad

This sofa ticks off a few of our criteria

✅Able to rest my head on it
✅Deep enough
✅Movable ottoman
✅Of a good size

❌Would prefer grey to blue
❌Prefer not to have legs

Might get standing mirror in the living room and bedroom for fun and why my legs so dark in the pic

Might get this for dining table chairs. But abit like office pantry chairs 🤣

Quite like this dining table so far.

- Of a good color (not too light not too dark).
- Not totally straight. It’s slightly curved which is quite unique

But not a big fan of the legs.
And would probably want a bigger dining table.

Bar stools? Thinking of the red chair design but not the color.

I like the chairs!!! Esp the pink one but prob won’t get this.

Quite like this but abit small.

This coffee table is quite special and nice.

This chair can easily dabao home cos got handle 🤣



After going to Comfort Design, Lush is meh. Much smaller and much more expensive. Only interesting thing here is WHY ARE THEY SELLING FROGS PAINTING???? And not one painting...

But TWO frog paintings *faints

Quite informative though.

Millenia Walk

Saw this at level 2. Think it’s some Qanvast thingy.

Marble is so ex though. We were quoted $4k+++ for a waterfall marble island that is 2.7m long 😵

JY wants to do this in his mancave.

Not too bad.


Was otw to Harvey Norman and accidentally walked past Commune so we popped in for a look.

Was drawn to this dining table and then realized it’s the one at Nic and Ame house.

They have the same console too!


Considering this bar stools too.

Oooo this is nice

Inside even nicer! Issa wine cabinet.



Harvey Norman

Got distracted by these

Messy photo but main point is the lights

Huge dining table but too light color for my liking. Also very ex.



Went back to meet ID #3 and then headed over to my grandfather’s house

For his 84th birthday party! This year’s cake is 寿包 cake. Which is not really a cake.

At first we thought there’s more shoubao in the big bao but actually the big bao is like a helmet cover. THERES NOTHING UNDERNEATH chey feel cheated.

Glorious pig that everyone chionged to get. No chiong no get it was chaotic. Two pigs finished in no time heng I managed to eat 1.5 pieces 🤣

Overflowing plate of food oops. Favorites are the dimsum (as expected coming from Swatow) and the kong ba bao cos the meat is already inside, don’t have to ownself concoct the bao.

TIRING DAY TODAY I need 12 hours of sleep brb concussing

Day 96

Saturday, 6 Apr 2019

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heyasg (avatar)

heyasg Thanks for sharing on your shopping trip! Nice to have a preview of what furnitures were available 😍 We would love to share your post with homeowners on our platform (Heya.sg)? Do you mind leaving us with your email so we can connect further from there? 😊

3 months ago

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