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My 1/4 New Home

Lunch today at Whisk and Paddle!

Ordered the breakfast pan

And the Mac and cheese. Almost wanted to order another dish cos I greedy but luckily we didn’t cos we were full after this!!

Watched US and during the movie I thought some parts was a little draggy and couldn’t understand why the female lead did things that she thing (like act hero all) but OKAY now I understand why. I love movies that I can rewatch a second time to spot details that I missed in the first watching. And this IS the type of movie 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Not that scary too and even got humor in it (as expected from Jordan Peele) so no ragretz watching it.

Verdict: Quite a sick movie and not the typical thriller movie.

After the movie we went to visit my 1/4 new home! Excited to spend my weekends here yasssss

This is the living room


The master bedroom. The full length window is 😍

The second room

The wardrobe

The kitchen

The hidden fridge. I saw another family they installed their own big fridge instead of this free fridge.

Both toilets are the same. I like the toilets it’s not as small as I expected.

The house is quite small though but I guess that’s expected of a 2 bedroom apartment.

There’s pools EVERYWHERE and slides EVERYWHERE too. My colleague’s bf bought this condo too (what a coincidence) and she asked me “Is your block at the top of the slide or bottom of the slide” And I was like??? Later I realized it’s cos you can actually slide from the top pool all the way down!

So fun

Flying fox! Which I actually tried LOL quite fun.

One of the many pools.

One of the bungalows

Hammock area LOL I think there’s like 10 or more hammock here so cute

View from lying on the hammock

Another view 🤣

At the main pool! Which is also at the top (the condo is “separated” into top middle and bottom)

Slide from the main pool

From another angle. The playground is quite pathetic though.

Why got boxing ring LOL

The pool table which is still covered. There’s also a foosball table.

At the Japanese Pavilion!

Ooooooo Isit can have teppanyaki here!!! Even the seats are like at a teppanyaki restaurant.

The gym!

With aqua exercise equipments what is the correct term?


Not sure what this is??

Should be the sauna??

Video of the area

Golf area or as they call it- Putting Green

Ooo Italian Dining area

Even has a wine chiller!

Another view of the main pool in the evening 😍

Not sure what is this for.. you actually have to get your feet wet to get into the lanterns

One part of the fitness corner

Quite near the LRT! Not bad at all.

And there is an indoor movie theatrette?? And not just 1 but 3 I think?? Granted it’s very small like literally this size in the photo but still??

There’s also an outdoor movie theatrette but I didn’t see it.

I am quite amazed by the facilities of the condo!! (Also cos I suaku la)

There’s also childcare centre, shops, tennis court and etc etc that I’ve not seen yet.


Ended the day with homecooked steamboat with my favorite (low ses) ingredients hahaha. Mixed our homemade chili with Lao Gan Ma chili and it’s 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Day 97

Sunday, 7 Apr 2019

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jiaqqq (avatar)

jiaqqq Hi! May i know which condo is this? As i’m looking for one and this looks v nice! U can email me at checkio_speed@hotmail.com if u dun mind thx:)

1 month ago

herowena (avatar)

herowena @jiaqqq Hello! I’ve dropped you an email :)

1 month ago

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