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Kidori / Milligram / Dumpling Darlings


Lunch here today to utilize my underutilized #entertainerapp

Here’s JY’s Yakiniku don which he said was not bad.

And my Bara Bara Chirashi Don which is not bad too. The sashimi cubes were quite big and quite a lot! More sashimi to rice. Both dishes were $15.80 each and the total bill was $18+ after the discount. I think I might even pay full price for the dons leh. They even serve free appetizers (chicken thingy)!👍

Also the waitstaff is damn nice? Heard a woman behind me asking if she can use her #Entertainer even though she’s alone. At first the waiter said no but afterwards he obliged. So nice of him??

And there’s cashback too 🎉

Two weeks back


Lunch here cos there’s #burpplebeyond and ordered the typical carbonara

And I can’t remember what this is. Quite okay~ with the Burpple 1 for 1.

Pizza Hut with Sharm and Germ!! The meal damn worth it they had this 1 for 1 mains promo so total we ordered 2 pizzas, 6 spicy drumlets and had 4 free wings for $36! That’s like $12/pax.

Spicy drumlets as requested by sharm. They also gave 4 free wings if you order their QR code on your phone.

Curry chicken pizza!!!

📍Dumpling Darlings

Finally tried this!! Lucky I reached before the lunch crowd cos there was a long queue when I left.

Wanted to ordered one braised pork noodles and one Sichuan noodles but there was a mix up and we both ended up with Sichuan noodles. But ok la the Sichuan noodles is good.

Ordered the smoked duck dumplings which was not bad, but the Sichuan dumplings is just like wanton in chili which was ok la. Next time I want to try the pierogi!

Best part of the meal I feel is THE DRINK. I had the longan osmanthus pu-erh which is everything I like!! The other drinks are also quite unique but complementary concoctions.

Cherry on the cake is using #burpple for the set meal 👍🏻

#dayrefoodies #dayrefatties

Going HK next month and looking through Airfrov to see what do others normally buy back and this is intriguing!! Nissin macaroni!!!

And this is SO NICE but don’t even know where to buy it.

Pesto chicken quinoa salad from Starbucks was ok~ Felt abit soulless eating this cos it was so cold LOL

Damn long never go Pastamania eat already. Didn’t know there’s so many new pasta flavors now like salted egg, tomyum, ha jeong gai etc etc!

Chicken rice from Asia Square.

Few weeks back the committee I’m in was tasked to get quotations of $5/pax from different halal vendors for the company’s term end refreshment and the HR peeps chose my Coffee Bean quotation! ✨🎉

Backstory of the term end refreshment: The co decided to provide snacks for the ops people on the last day of the FY and mid FY cos it’s the two busiest day of the year (aka OT gao gao) and it gradually became a company wide thing. So sweet hor.

Each person gets turkey bacon quiche, coffee cheesecake and chocolate profiteroles. (I had to google what choc profiteroles is lolol apparently it’s just cream puff la chey hahah)

(And yes I took extra cos.. there’s extra 🤣)



I guess because the past few times were from places like Polar, Delifrance (6 Madeleines), Kazo (cream puff) etc so I guess it’s the first time the employees receive Coffee Bean snack pack and apparently CB is perceived as more atas?

But yay small wins in life ✨

Day 98

Monday, 8 Apr 2019

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