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#dayrebrides help! Anyone with experience going to bridal boutiques sample sales and trunk shows? What is it like and is it very embarrassing if we browse and try on and leave empty handed? We are interested to see some gowns just for the design and perhaps thinking of a bespoke one in future!

This marc jacobs bronzer is mad huge! I will NEVER finish this. But it's a really lovely bronzer. I like drugstore makeup, but there's always something about higher end makeup. When I'm in a mad rush in the morning, high end makeup will shine because I realise they blend so much more easily and require less effort to apply.

That blush palette really does not spark joy anymore and I'm gonna declutter it. Otherwise, I love everything else in here.

This is taken from a health newsletter circulated within my company. I like how they don't encourage eating salads and low carbs. They also encourage eating 'treat' foods on a regular basis, because leaving it out of our diets completely may result in binges and the feeling of guilt if you actually let yourself eat them one day.

πŸ–•πŸ» diets and say yes to 11pm snacks before bed, eaten in bed. Oh gosh I'm such a piggy. Anyway, this is so salty but good! I loveeee Ritz.

Day 79

Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

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Pawfashional (avatar)

Pawfashional not a bride to be so no tips from me but hehe so hepi for you πŸ’ž

1 month ago

henydailydiary (avatar)

henydailydiary @Pawfashional Nothing official yet but thank you dearie! ☺️☺️☺️

1 month ago

screwit (avatar)

screwit i love the ritz cheese biscuit omg

1 month ago

mysunsilkdreams (avatar)

mysunsilkdreams I love the ritz too!!! Been eating it hehe

1 month ago

verena (avatar)

verena That’s a good way to get people to switch up their diets rather than drawing strict black and white lines and telling people to eat salads and stuff, although most people seem to have that misconception that salads must be all veg and healthy. They can be super unhealthy and they can also be healthy yet contain all the necessary nutrients even carbs. It takes a lot to educate people on eating though I guess so they probably try for the lowest hangin and easiest way out.

Love letters! And haha I love your visual depiction of the middle finger 😬

1 month ago

henydailydiary (avatar)

henydailydiary @screwit @mysunsilkdreams Yay!! hi5 hi5 πŸ™Œ

@amberverena Yes salads can go either way, and I'm glad that they educate people that salads aren't always good, and to be careful with the dressing.

Ahh you got it! That middle finger depiction was exactly what I was going for hehe.

1 month ago

itchytoes (avatar)

itchytoes Congrats! And there's really nth wrong with just popping in to take a look at the gowns. I think most studios should be okay as long as you make an appointment beforehand. Just remember not to cave in too early to their deals until you know what you're really looking for 😁

1 month ago

henydailydiary (avatar)

henydailydiary @itchytoes Ooh ok! Im so afraid they will service us badly especially if they find out that I just want to try out different silhouettes. Thank you! 😊

1 month ago

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