Hennyyy (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

The daily cut for dinner, because I wanted to try the parmesan cauliflower. It was good, better than the broccoli, though im usually a bigger fan of the latter.

Low key had anxiety when I saw how much sweet potato they gave, but I made myself finish it, because I know if I don't, my mind will start thinking that I have restricted, and may make my body turn on me ugh.

I don't know if he noticed, but my face as I was chewing on the final 2 pieces was like 😒😒😒😒😒.

Day 74

Friday, 15 Mar 2019

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jess01 (avatar)

jess01 The sweet potatoes are so good! Eh lucky leh you get more :) I rather pay for food with lots of portion, knowing that I spent my money wisely and it’s worth it! Think about it this way:)

1 month ago

verena (avatar)

verena I love sweet potatoes and yes, it’s so good they are generous with portions! I hate paying for something and then they give only 2 or 3 pieces or start picking and putting it back 😱

1 month ago

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