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updated 1 month ago

Brunch after a run which I couldn't complete. The sun was sweltering, and I am also not really unfit. I'm heavier than before yet cannot lift as much, and needless to say, my cardio has gone to shit.

Snack of baguette pizza.

Cooked dinner today! Just a very easy canned pork beehoon, cooked in lard oil which I rendered out last week.

Feeling kind of moody and down. Feeling all sorts of things, but I can't say them here. Sigh. Maybe I'll just take an off day tmr and stay in. But I don't know if moping at home will just make things worse.

Day 75

Saturday, 16 Mar 2019

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verena (avatar)

verena Hugs 💕 maybe go somewhere with less people to chill out a bit, whether it’ll help to sort out your thoughts is secondary, but to be out and perhaps seeing some sights or greenery may help? Hope you feel better soon.

And babe, you haven’t been running as often as before so stamina definitely won’t be like then. But the good thing is that when you’re well it can be built up again!

1 month ago

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