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April 2019

March 2019

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11:22pmI'm moving to Cambodia for work for about 6 months in April and when a friend said this, I felt so excited about it!!!! I didn't think I'd be in a position to manage a team (on my own!!!) and ahhh I'm so terrified but excited at the prospectsit's gna be my first time living on my own in a foreign country too!!! I have so much to research on and settle before I head there and a little over a month to do soI'm sad about missing my bf's bday and our anniversary but we'll work it out!!!

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2:09amI got to treat my parents & bf to dinner at J65 out of my first official paycheck and I hope I'll be able to do this more often 🥰

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12:05amcelebrated my bday on Tues by having dinner at genki w my dad and bf & came home to this surprise!!!! :')turns out he came to my place while I was at home to set this up before meeting us for dinner. I was vvvv touched bc I didn't expect this from him and took such a blurry photo LOLhe gave me a few packets of my fav old school snacks (iced gems, mantou biscuits & this animal crackers thingy) as well as cheese tarts, flowers and a unicorn balloon

February 2019

12:37amthese days, I daydream about the future when I would return home from work to my husband and I'd get to fall asleep next to him (and his v loud snoring) and see his face the first thing in the morning. I daydream about having kids and what it'd be like being a mum. would I be good at it? it feels frivolous to wish that time would pass by faster so that this future would be the present but I know to appreciate what I have now.

January 2019

3:21amam I not worth putting in effort for?

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