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Life's like that

March 2019

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I'm going to meet isaac today and I'm so sien and tired

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Having a colleague that drives in Singapore (a Honda civic) is really so damn convenient. That and he is also very ons and always wanna go here and there for food and drinks.After work, we went to Clementine avenue 2 for chicken rice. After dinner we went to Holland V to have dessert at Daily Scoop.When I accidentally said inside scoop, they both think it sounded like a newspaper name lmaooooo. Then I didn't even bothered to explain that it's Malaysia's version of daily scoop hahahhaa.

February 2019

I'm so done with everything. I don't even want to open my WhatsApp to read or reply messages. Or even check ig. I just want to sleep.

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4:11amCan't sleep. What's going on in my head? It's definitely something but idk what is it... Even if I do, I think I don't wanna admit it.What the fuck. I'm basically just reminiscing on all the fucked up decisions I made within these past 2 years. And I'm not talking about Daniel Chen, cos I don't think he's a mistake.But there are so many more fucked up things I did. Why is it that we will always think we did shitty things but in the moment when we're doing it, we feel self righteous??

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Acupuncture for the first time by Dr mong

January 2019

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There's a reason why I can't dayre and that's because I'm low on data cos I've overused once again. I just love my unlimited weekend data wtf.It's now 4:56am and I just finished playing like 10 games of wangzhe I need to get a better life.

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